The Sleeper Stocks of Cannabis:

How Late Investors Could Profit from the Coming Green Boom

Cannabis stocks are ready to explode as US legalization is imminent.

We will soon witness history as a massive tsunami of wealth and prosperity pours into the US economy (and our pockets).

But what if you missed the early bargains and golden opportunities in cannabis investments? Is it too late to grab your share of the coming bonanza?

Not at all. I’ve picked 10 off-the-radar “sleeper stocks” that are priced below ground level right now – but will shoot to the top in the coming Green Boom.

One company, in particular, Chemesis International (CADMF) will disrupt and dominate the $40 billion retail dispensary business just the way Uber ate the taxi industry’s lunch. 

This could be the Number One cannabis stock to own in the 2020s. Here’s why…

By James DiGeorgia

Folks, the fuse is lit. The countdown has started.

Cannabis legalization is just a hairbreadth away.

Yes, finally…

The long-awaited cannabis Green Boom is about to explode…

Unleashing a massive shockwave of profits and prosperity unlike anything Wall Street has ever seen before, including…

The staggering returns delivered by Amazon … Apple … Google and the other dot-com legends of glory.

In fact, cannabis legalization may be the single greatest get-rich opportunity of our modern era…

Creating more crazy wealth in the US than even the post-World War II era.

So, if you’re an early investor in quality cannabis stocks…

Congratulations! You’re about to strike it rich.

But if you missed the boat, cheer up. Because…

I have three pieces of good advice for you today.

 1. Don’t feel bad.

Sure, you’ll miss out on the huge windfalls of the Big Brands of Cannabis (such as Cannabix … Cronos Group … Canopy Growth … and True Leaf) will deliver to their faithful.

But, it’s not too late to profit from the coming Green Boom.

There’s still time to get in on the bonanza.

2. Just don’t chase the Big Brand stocks, because…

In most cases, that train left the station long ago.

Generally speaking, the Big Brand stocks are too overpriced right now to deliver significant growth and profit.

For example, the top three Canadian cannabis stocks currently claim price-to-sales ratios of 40 or greater. (Considering that the price-to-sales ratio for any other industry is around 8, the wait for profitability could be a long one.1)

But that doesn’t mean you have to miss the coming action, so…

3. Keep reading.

The truth is, lots of unsung business niches are going to flourish in the coming Green Boom.

And many of these companies are so far off-the-radar of the conventional investor that…

Their stock prices are currently well below the ground floor opportunity (think: bargain-basement) — especially when compared to their upside potential.

I call these The Sleeper Stocks of Cannabis.

And because my job as editor/market analyst at EdgeOnTheStreet.com is to make sure you don’t miss any of these promising investments…

I’ve identified 10 fledgling cannabis companies that my experienced eyes see as big winners in the coming Green Boom.

But right now, I want to introduce you to one of these sleeping giants that could fatten your bank account like the Goodyear blimp, when the Green Boom starts to blow.

Its name is Chemesis International (CADMF).

And, believe me, this company is set to totally dominate the coming Green Boom…
With an amazing new next-gen technology that will utterly transform the way legal cannabis products are bought and sold.

Just the way Uber revolutionized the way we now get around.

I’m talking about cannabis vending machines.

Actually, these Chemesis (CADMF) machines are more like vending robots, because…

They incorporate the very latest, patented, high-tech innovations, including… Artificial intelligence … facial recognition … instant ID and background checks … payment processing … personalized customer service and product recommendation … full remote customer support … just to name a few of the marvels they’re able to perform.

In fact, Chemesis’ “smart” vending robots can do everything the cannabis dispensary can.

Only better … faster … and more profitably.

Check ID against facial recognition? No problem.

Run an instant background check for criminal status? Sure.

Answer customer questions? On the spot.

Recommend products and remember previous preferences? Yep, just like a master budtender.

Dispense products? Process payments? Issue a receipt? No human can do it faster.

Stay completely compliant with state and federal laws? Absolutely.

A Chemesis vending robot even sanitizes itself after every transaction so no germs or viruses are transferred during machine use.

Cannabis customers will love them, because… “It’s a quick stop,” says Prof. Michael L. Kasavana, an expert on automated merchandising systems. “You don’t have to talk to anybody. It’s anonymous. It’s touchless. And it’s cashless.”2

It’s also ultra-convenient.

Since these Chemesis (CADMF) vending robots can be located practically anywhere, such as…

Gas stations … convenience stores … malls … airports … among others…

And remain always “open for business”…

So, there’s no more driving to a storefront dispensary.

No waiting for its doors to open.

And no standing in a long checkout line.

In fact, every unit performed so well in real-world market tests, that…

I predict these Chemesis (CADMF) machines will quickly – and totally –disrupt the traditional brick-and-mortar dispensary…

Just as decisively as Airbnb crushed the hotel industry.

(And, in the process, turned itself into a $75 billion dollar unicorn, practically overnight.)

Chemesis (CADMF) could do the same thing, because…

The retail sector is ground zero for the Green Boom.

You see, even without legalization, the cannabis market is expected to triple in the next 5 years.3

Yes, triple.

And where is all this phenomenal growth going to occur?

I’ll tell you where…

On the ground.  At the retail level.  Where the majority of all this cash will change hands.

And those numbers will be mind-boggling.

Sales of cannabis in places that are already legal are projected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21%…

Hitting more than $41 billion by 2025 (this compares to $13.2 billion in 2019).4

This means the real action – and biggest profits – won’t be at the growers.

Those huge cash windfalls will be generated by cannabis retailers. Specifically…

Cannabis dispensaries.

The only places in the US where legal cannabis and CBD products could be sold.
Until now, that is.

Because Chemesis vending robots are taking over the job.

And along with it, the lion’s share of the $41billion retail market in North America.


I was too — until I saw the fantastic economic advantage these vending robots have.

You see, opening a cannabis dispensary today costs about one million dollars, on average.5

It then requires about $350,000 to $500,000 annually to run it.

With the biggest annual operating expenses going for staff, rent, maintenance, security and admin.

Now, compare these expenses to the revenue a typical dispensary brings in.

Nearly 60% of cannabis dispensaries report annual sales of $500,000 or less.6

With fewer than 25% of all dispensaries (typically, the Big Brands) reporting revenues of one million dollars or more.

Mind you, these are gross sales, before expenses are deducted.

(Which is why most dispensary-sold products usually carry a 50% markup.7)

On the other hand…

A Chemesis vending robot costs less than $5,000 to manufacture.

Yet, each one generated an average of $6,000 in monthly sales in actual market tests during the Great Pandemic, when foot traffic was greatly reduced.

That’s about $50,000 per year, per machine.

And, virtually all of this is profit, because…

These vending robots are nearly expense-free.

There are no building or remodeling expenses. No rent. No property taxes. No salaries and benefit perks.

That’s why one writer, when he saw it, described it as “a miniature Fort Knox.”

Plus, each is totally self-contained. Requires a minimum of floor space. And is theft- and vandal-proof.

But this may be the best news of all…

Since their vending robots have none of those typical expenses…

Chemesis-brand cannabis and CBD products can offer consumers a significant price advantage over the Big Brand dispensary products.

Without sacrificing profits. Because Chemesis controls its entire supply chain — from seed … to cultivation … to processing … to retail.

And because each machine pays for itself in just a few months…

Chemesis can plow those profits into cranking out more vending robots without needing outside capital.

Thus, enabling it to target more Big Brand dispensaries and grow even faster…

As the company’s valuation and share price go stratospheric.

Are you beginning to get the picture?
Do the math and you’ll see that it only takes 10 well-placed Chemesis vending robots to produce the same revenue as the typical cannabis dispensary.

Only with much larger profits.

And Chemesis believes each vending robot will easily double its monthly sales once the pandemic is over and life gets back to normal.

Now, just imagine thousands of these machines blanketing the most cannabis-friendly ZIP codes in the US and Canada.

In locations with lots of foot traffic…

Such as gas stations … convenience stores … supermarkets … chain pharmacies … malls … airports … among others.

The amount of money this represents is staggering.

Especially after full legalization ignites the explosive Green Boom in the US.

But Chemesis (CADMF) isn’t waiting.

Based on the performance of its vending robots in test locations…

Chemesis (CADMF) already has secured placements for 10,000 of them in choice US and Canadian zip codes where cannabis retail sales are already booming.

To skim the cream off those established markets.

And, to rack up a minimum of 500 million dollars in revenue every year.

(Or, more likely, double that amount, once the pandemic is behind us.)

That’s annual sales of a billion dollars in the post-Pandemic era.

And faster than you can say tetrahydrocannabinol.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen anything that could make so much money so quickly.

Which is why I believe Chemesis (CADMF) could be one of the most profitable cannabis investments of this decade.

Especially for investors who get in before the Green Boom takes off.

But hurry, because it won’t remain “off-the-radar” for very long.

In the three years since its founding, Chemesis International’s value has skyrocketed from zero to $17.5 million…

With a remarkable 32% increase in sales in its most recent quarter over the prior year.

And that’s just the beginning because…

Chemesis’ smart vending robots are going to pick the deep pockets of the Big Brand’s dispensary business…

Just the way Uber ate the taxi industry’s lunch.

No cannabis customer will be able to resist the allure of…

These Chemesis (CADMF) vending robots have every consumer attraction.

But I know what you’re thinking…

As soon as the Big Brands realize how profitable these mechanical salesmen are, they’ll start using them too.

Only, they won’t be able to…

Because Chemesis (CADMF) has a lock on the exclusive rights to use these smart vending robots throughout North America.

Any competitor that wants this technology will be forced to develop its own self-serve technology to get in the game.

But by then, Chemesis and its army of Green Spirit vending machines will have creamed the retail market.
Are you starting to see why Chemesis (CADMF) could be one of the shrewdest investments you can make right now…

So you can profit handsomely from the coming Green Boom?

Here’s why Chemesis (CADMF) looks like a big winner to me:

7 Reasons Why Chemesis International (CADMF) Could Be the Top Cannabis Stock to Own in the 2020’s:

  1. Unparalleled Profitability. Chemesis International’s “smart” vending robots are so mobile … so convenient … so efficient and cost-effective, they will severely disrupt the current dispensary sales model and grab a significant share of the $40 billion retail market.
  2. Years ahead of the competition. Chemesis machines contain patented state-of-the-art technology. They’ve been in development for years. Already tested and proven, these vending robots are head and shoulders above the competition.
  3.  Self-Generating Cash Flow. Because each vending machine pays for itself in as few as two months, Chemesis will be able to continually recapitalize its growth – thus, plowing those profits back into producing more vending machines and expansion.
  4. Vertically-Integrated Supply Chain. Chemesis produces its own cannabis products, from seed to sale – while using advanced technology to create quality products at lower costs.
  5. Premiere-Quality Branded Product Line. Chemesis offers branded cannabis products for both medicinal and recreational use. The company’s five popular brands are positioned to be either #1 or #2 in every market it operates in.
  6. Exclusive North American Rights. Chemesis has exclusive North American rights to this “AI-smart” vending technology. Competitors will be barred from using it.
  7. Robust Launch Strategy. Chemesis plans to position 10,000 of these highly profitable vending machines in the most cannabis-friendly zip codes in the US and Canada over the next four years. This could produce an estimated $1 billion in annual sales.

These powerful advantages will cause a massive disruption in the cannabis market and colossal growth and for Chemesis International.

Plus, handsome returns for investors who grab this opportunity before Wall Street and the herd sees the light.

These powerful advantages will cause a massive disruption in the cannabis market and colossal growth and for Chemesis International.

Plus, handsome returns for investors who grab this opportunity before Wall Street and the herd sees the light.

Chemesis has another advantage – and it’s a big one.

Its CEO is Josh Rosenberg, one of the most experienced and knowledgeable gurus in the food vending industry.

Josh rose through the ranks at Coca-Cola in a stellar 18-year career which culminated in his highly-acclaimed leadership of Coke’s $700 million global Food Services Division.

Then, as CEO of Accent Food Services for the next six years, he increased the company’s revenue by more than six-fold — and expanded the company from a single state operator to one of the largest multi-state operations in the Unattended Retail Industry.

Josh possesses the right mix of management skills in distribution, new market penetration and product development to transform Chemesis International into the next green unicorn.

Leadership like his is destined for greatness – and Josh is a proven winner.

Get the full scoop on Chemesis International (CADMF) …

And its bold, outside-the-box plan to dominate the retail sales of legal cannabis business in the US and Canada…

In an Exclusive Special Report entitled “Stalking the Green Unicorn.”

Which you can have at no charge.

I’ll also begin a free subscription for you to our online investor newsletter, EdgeOnTheStreet.com.


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  7. Earnings growth, or at least the prospect of strong earnings, is a hallmark of top stocks. But the marijuana industry, broadly, is losing money. Not surprisingly, marijuana stocks have poor Earnings Per Share Ratings. The EPS Rating measures profit growth.


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