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Ride Shotgun With Peter Thiel As He Unleashes His Disruptive Powers On A Prime Target…
Big Pharma

  • There’s a brand new investment sector based on a remarkable drug that ends suffering… Thiel’s magic touch seems to be steering the sector’s soaring destiny.
  • Because of that, his legendary foresight could propel one small biotech into the starring role in his revolution.
  • Early investors could have tremendous leverage when Thiel points a spotlight at this sector, and Wall Street rushes in.

Today is one of the very few times in investors’ lives when the road to success could be so clearly marked.

That’s because the fuse is lit on what could be one of the 21st century’s most explosive investment opportunities…

It’s one where a $16 billion industry arrives suddenly with little advanced notice.

Then it unleashes its exciting potential to revolutionize mental healthcare, which, in 2021, is still dispensing 1980s medicines.

Today, most of the pioneers in this new sector are funded by initial investments from well-funded investors.

They include Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary, former Canopy Growth CEO Bruce Linton… and PayPal, Facebook, eBay billionaire Peter Thiel.

These super-wealthy innovators are backing companies that are researching psychedelic compounds as cures for mental illness, PTSD, depression, and addiction.

At the forefront of this awakening mega-trend are companies such as these:

  • Mind Medicine Inc. (OTC: MMEDF)… up 810% in the year between February 18, 2020 and March 1, 2021.[i]
  • Core One Labs (CLABF)… new to the market but already up 89% between Dec. 11, 2020, the day it first traded a minimum 100,000 shares, and March 1, 2021.[i]
  • Niminus Wellness (OTC: LKYSF)… up 67% between its May 20, 2020 debut and March 1, 2021.[iii]
  • 20/20 Global (OTC: TWGL)… up 3,175% from its December 28, 2020 debut and March 16, 2021.[iv]
  • Champignon Brands (OTC:SHRMF)… up 470% since its March 19, 2020 debut and March 1, 2021.[v]
  • Even an established mid-cap, such as Compass Pathways (NASDAQ: CMPS)… is up 104% in the year between its September 18, 2020 IPO and March 1, 2021.[vi]

This all-new sector is small… so there’s plenty of room for new stars to emerge.

That’s why investors need to take a careful look at Core One Labs (CLABF).

Core One’s strategy is novel, aggressive, forward-looking, and unlike any corporate business model in North America today… highly market disruptive.

Core One Labs Positioned To Command Its Market

As you can see by that list of companies, even as the new sector is carved out of the big pharma/mental healthcare space, the majority of the sector’s companies are young, little-known biotechs.

That’s why even the most seasoned investors have yet to discover that Core One Labs (CLABF) could be one of the new sector’s brightest stars.

Yet, Core One Labs looks set to lead the mental health revolution.

That’s because its proprietary pure synthetic psilocybin strains that’ll be used to treat people with depression, addictions, and PTSD are as much as 100 times cheaper to produce than the organic psilocybin that’s derived from what are called “magic mushrooms.”

Moreover, Core One Labs also has a breakthrough way to administer a therapeutic psychedelic dose.

Core One also acquired four, walk-in treatment clinics, staffed by mental health professionals, with access to 275,000 patients through their extensive database.

$400 Million Market Just For Openers

This is why the treatment market, from an investor’s standpoint, is the bullseye on which to focus today.

That’s because worldwide, the average cost per treatment is about $500 – four treatments being the standard.

So, if Core One Labs (CLABF) never grew its business beyond two treatment centers, it’s still sitting on what could potentially become a $400 million market.[vii]

Moreover, Core One has plans to open more clinics, both in the U.S, Canada as well as expand into Brazil through strategic partnerships.

The Brazilian deal involves licensing Core One’s products to one of South America’s most notable biotech venture capitalists —  Marcelo Galvão through his bio-tech company.


Why Investing in Psychedelic Medicine Could Be Better Than Cannabis

Decades of research have demonstrated that psychedelics, which are hallucinogenic drugs, are effective in treating mental disorders such as depression, suicidal thoughts, PTSD and anxiety. The Food and Drug Administration has approved and fast-tracked several clinical research trials.
SOURCE: U.S. News Sept. 11, 2020

Birth Of A Mega-Trend

Psilocybin is being studied for its potential to treat various conditions such as anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and addictions.

Core One Labs (CLABF) is seen as a “disrupter” because it looks set to patent new strains of synthetic psilocybin.

The world has been waiting for this moment.

Because psilocybin has been shown to cause a rapid and sustained reduction in anxiety and depression in a group of patients with life-threatening cancer.[viii]

Moreover, 80% of the cancer patients continued to experience reduced anxiety and fear of death for at least six months after a single psilocybin treatment.[ix]

A True Breakthrough

A combination of psilocybin and cognitive therapy enabled 80% of one study’s participants to curb their nicotine addiction for at least six months.[x]

And when it comes to major depressive disorders… a study at Johns Hopkins Medicine found that two doses of psilocybin, in combination with therapy, showed rapid and significant reductions in symptoms of depression in most study subjects.

Half of the study participants continued to have a reduction of symptoms through a four-week follow-up period.[xi]

It all adds  up to this… Core One Labs (CLABF) is showing investors the future…

And, Core One is showing big pharma what could lie ahead, too – smart young companies unafraid to use their breakthroughs to offer people true hope and solutions.

Real Help For Depression, Addiction and PTSD Could Reach Every Demographic

It all adds up to one thing… Core One Labs (CLABF) is riding a wave that investors need to jump on now.

That’s because psychedelic therapy has all the elements of a massive moneymaker in a runaway mega-trend.

Psychedelic therapy clinics in Arizona and Los Angeles charge as much as $2,000 for four treatments for depression with the hallucinogen ketamine, which is legal in the U.S.

And sure, they do that sort of thing in L.A…. but Arizona?

It’s why the math is so staggering when you think about it.

Because everyone wants to feel better – and that’s not hype.

Utah Loves Psychedelics

Look at ultra-conservative Utah. It’s not L.A., Paris, or San Francisco.

Yet, one company, Novamind, has already administered 3,000 psychedelic therapy treatments in Utah.

It’s no wonder Real Money forecasts the North American psychedelic therapy market to be $16.2 billion annually.[xii]

So, maybe you’re sitting out the super-hot legal marijuana investment sector for personal or moral reasons… you’re in good company there.

But, it’s still a great example of the fortunes, large and small, that can be built in a runaway mega-trend.

The psychedelics trend is different because they are being developed as drugs.

Drugs that will change lives that were seemingly lost. And it eliminates veterans’ PTSD.

Don’t Sit Out This Trend

In other words, psychedelic therapy is about compassion…

And, yes, it’s also about the potential to make an enormous amount of money in the stock market.

Core One Labs (CLABF) could be your answer to that.

That’s why my forecast is that Peter Thiel is about to light a fuse that will send this new sector skyrocketing.

IPO Will Cast A Bright Light On What Has Been A Low-Key Sector

Here’s why Thiel’s big disruption moment makes this the exact moment to take a good look at Core One Labs (CLABF).

Because we’ve seen these huge-upside, market-disruptive investment events before.

IPOs Are Now Rising Tides

The bottom line is that IPOs are no longer isolated events. They are capable of exercising a huge influence on all other firms in the industry.
Source: Management Study Guide

We saw it with social networks, bitcoin, electric vehicles, PayPal, eBay, and Amazon.

As in Amazon (AMZN), now at $3,000 a share, or PayPal (PYPL) at $240 a share, and Tesla (TSLA) at $600 a share…

The first investors who discover a new sector could have a chance to ride a powerful new mega-trend from the launch pad to the stars.

Today, one man appears to control this new investment sector’s destiny.

By Acting Today, Main Street Investors Could Leverage A Coming Second Wave Of IPO’s That Alert The World To The New Sector’s Vast Potential

He’s legendary venture capitalist Peter Thiel. A unique set of circumstances has him poised to flip the ignition switch on what could be a new rocket-ship sector.

Thiel, PayPal’s founder and Facebook’s first angel, could now be the undisputed leader of the investment sector founded on researching psychedelic drugs for mental health therapy.

The billionaire tech investor has dedicated nearly $210 million to back a Berlin start-up, ATAI Life Sciences, which aims to make psychedelic drugs that treat mental health disorders.[xiii]

And now, Credit Suisse and Citi are said to be readying ATAI’s IPO.

That IPO should be huge news.

It’s got Thiel; it’s also got hippie lore and magic mushrooms.

It might even have remembrances of Steve Jobs, too, because he loved hallucinogens for inspiration.

There’s No Time To Waste Because…

There’s not a business editor in the world who’ll pass up banner headlines with puns about hallucinogens.

In the process, they’ll introduce the entire investing world to psychedelic therapy.

ATAI could be super expensive.

Investors will go looking for bargains…

And Core One Labs (CLABF) will be there to greet them.

Its early-in investors could leverage the initial mega-trend enthusiasm for what could be outrageous returns.

But, early in means sooner, not later.

Because Core One Labs (CLABF) has a helluva a story to tell, too.

Kevin O'Leary of 'Shark Tank': Why I'm betting big on psychedelics, and how investors should be thinking about this opportunity

Magic mushrooms and LSD are being listed on the Nasdaq, the series premiere of HBO's "Billions" opened with Bobby Axelrod drinking ayahuasca, and the real-life billionaire and hedge fund manager Steve Cohen just donated to a charity developing MDMA for military veterans.

Psychedelics are finally having their day in the sun — not as recreational drugs but as medicines to address society's problems with mental illness and addiction — and I'm one of the many Wall Street investors who are now backing them.

As an investor, my approach is quite simple. I always look for solutions and trends with the potential to solve vast problems for large numbers of people.
– Kevin O’Leary, Business Insider Nov. 17, 2020

I Blinked And The World Changed

Core One Labs (CLABF) could claim a unique marketplace advantage at the perfect time — as psilocybin looks set to pass clinical trials worldwide and become an approved medicine.

That’s a stunning thing to consider because if you’re like me, it seems like this whole psychedelic therapy trend came out of nowhere.

I’ve been writing to my newsletters’ subscribers for more than 30 years, and I have never seen a mega-trend gather sustained momentum so quickly.

By the way, I am James DiGeorgia, publisher/editor of what I believe are the most profitable investment advisory services in the world:

  • Gold and Energy Investor — a 20% average annual track record for 10 years in a row.
  • SuperStock Investor — an average winner of 72.57% a year for 7 years.
  • Options Index Trader — wins added up to 276.59% in just 33 months!
  • Gold and Energy Options Trader — a 486% average annual win over 11 years in a row!

That’s likely why CNBC and Fox Business have sought my opinion, or why I’ve been frequently quoted in publications such as the New York Times, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Money magazine, the Chicago Tribune, and Barron’s.

In a bit, I’ll show you how to subscribe to my World Opportunity investment advisory, but I really do want to get back to focusing on Core One Labs (CLABF).

A Remarkable Opportunity To Ride What Could Be A Multi-Decade Mega-trend

Frankly, it’s mind-bending to consider that psychedelic therapy drugs are the first materially new depression treatments in decades.

And Core One Labs (CLABF) looks to be a leader of the movement.

Its work in synthesizing psilocybin and opening clinics is groundbreaking because the number of people who could be candidates for the company’s trailblazing treatments is staggering:

  • Almost a billion people suffer from mental health problems worldwide, according to the World Health Organization.[xiv]
  • Of the 322 million people globally that have depression, roughly a third are treatment-resistant.[xv]
  • That makes depression the leading cause of disability worldwide.
  • 1 in 11 people will suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.[xvi]
  • Another quarter-billion people are addicted to alcohol.[xvii]
  • More than 1 billion people smoke cigarettes.
  • 40.5 million people are dependent on opioids… dependent is the nice way of saying they’re addicted.[xviii]

The raw numbers are what led one prominent analyst, Tania Gonsalves from Canaccord Genuity Capital Markets, to estimate the total size of the psychedelic therapy market to be at least $100 billion.[xix]

After an in-depth examination of the company, my forecast is that Core One Labs (CLABF) could be at the heart of the action.

If I am right –  and I usually am –  this could see Core One Labs grow in a manner very similar to the other young companies that joined this brand-new sector.

Core One Labs’ Plan For Full-Scale Manufacturing Of Its Proprietary Synthetic Psilocybin

Through outsourced production of its biosynthetic psilocybin formula, Core One Labs could claim a starring role in this new healthcare sector.

Because jumping the regulatory hurdles that allow psilocybin to be medicine is going to be the easy part of establishing these new treatments.

The hard part – the big difficulty – is going to be meeting demand.

Core One Labs’ Synthetic Psilocybin Could Be In Huge Demand

“It’s infeasible and way too expensive to extract psilocybin from magic mushrooms and the best chemical synthesis methods require expensive and difficult-to-source starting substrates,” explains Nick Milne, an author on the new study published in the journal Metabolic Engineering. “Thus, there is a need to bring down the cost of production and to provide a more consistent supply chain.”

That’s because there’s a huge difference between the street version of magic mushrooms that contain psilocybin and pure psilocybin that meets U.S. FDA, Canadian, and European standards.

In fact, inadequate manufacturing standards and purity are why the typical street price for magic mushrooms is $35 per eighth of an ounce,[xx] or $10 per gram…

And, why strict standards find John Hopkins University paying between $7,000 and $10,000 an ounce for the pure psilocybin it uses in its federally-approved research, according to researcher Matthew Johnson, a psychiatry and behavioral sciences professor.[xxi]

Moreover, active particles in psilocybin-containing mushrooms are generally found in such low levels that they have been too difficult to purify.

Core One’s Massive Advantage… 
It Can Make A Pure Product At 100X Less The Cost

Core One Lab’s team is already meeting the purity challenge to produce synthetic psilocybin that could be sold for a fraction of the current market price.

It successfully completed sequencing the DNA for its first psilocybin producer strain.

The sequencing is a step in a proven method that very quickly quantifies the amount of biosynthetic psilocybin that can be made at one time. Also, it identifies each strain for which the company will file a patent.

But, ultimately, DNA analysis will show the Core One team how to optimize psilocybin production when it comes time for full-scale manufacturing.

And with the current price at as much as $10,000 an ounce, investors should keep an eye on Core One Labs (CLABF) because there could be massive demand for pure synthetic psilocybin priced around $100 an ounce.

The World Alone Could Need 61 Tons Of Psilocybin By 2027 Worth $7 Billion, And Core One Labs (CLABF) Could Be In The Heart Of The Action

It’s more than a big deal that Core One Labs (CLABF) is racing to patent a line of psilocybin strains.

That’s because even a conservative forecast of the market’s size is staggering.

That’s doubly true when you consider how few players will likely manufacture the legal synthetic hallucinogen.

Data Bridge Market Research estimates the psychedelic drug market to grow to nearly $7 billion by 2027.[xxii]

That works out to 14 million treatments, using today’s standard of $500 a treatment.

For the sake of argument, let’s stick with that number, though I believe if Core One produces synthetic psilocybin for about $4 per gram, the price could drop some… not a lot because of demand… but some.

Still, 14-million treatments come out to 56-million grams – which, by the way, is 61.7 tons.

Even At This Stage, Core One Labs’ Revenue Upside Has The Potential To Reach Into The Billions

The accepted dose of psilocybin for a mild hallucinatory experience is 4 grams…[xxiii] which works out to $125 a gram for each treatment.

That puts the forecast right on the money because 56-million doses at $125 work out to be $7 billion.

So, not only does Core One Labs (CLABF) have the potential to generate as much as $400 million by using psilocybin to treat patients…

It’s positioned as a manufacturer to tap into what could be a $7 billion market.

This is the muscular potential investors can access when they are the earliest into a brand-new company that just entered a brand-new healthcare investment sector.

Because “early in” means the potential to leverage the momentum of other investors, aggressive investors who could chase the mega-trend and follow you into Core One Labs (CLABF).

Core One Labs (CLABF) Shocks Big Pharma With Depression Drug Breakthrough… Early-In Investors Await A Knockout Punch

When you closely examine the work being done by Core One Labs (CLABF)…

Or you look at the research being done by Peter Thiel-backed ATAI Life Sciences AG…

You’ll see that it’s forehead-slapping crazy that so many people have bought the media’s notion that research into psychedelic drugs, such as LSD, psilocybin, MDMA, and ketamine, is “controversial.”

I ask you, what is controversial about psilocybin curing a veteran’s PTSD? Or putting an end to the chronic depression hundreds of millions of people across the globe suffer?

What’s controversial about curing addiction… so much of which, ironically, is fueled by the legally manufactured synthetic heroin known as oxycodone?

Of course, that is the point, isn’t it?

What Happens To Big Pharma When People Find Peace?

For the 300-million people around the globe suffering from a major depressive disorder, the prescription of antidepressant medication is, in the majority of cases, the first line of therapy.

Big pharma controls this $16-billion anti-depression drug marketplace.[xxiv]

Yet, so few people are getting well.

One hundred million of the people diagnosed with major depressive disorder are said to suffer from treatment-resistant depression.

According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, treatment-resistance costs employers upwards of $48 billion each year in the U.S.[xxv]

The global anti-anxiety drug market is on pace to approach $20 billion by 2027.

So you can see why psilocybin, the active ingredient in “magic mushrooms,” is a threat to big pharma.

But, more importantly, you can understand why Core One Labs (CLABF) could offer so much hope for hundreds of millions of people across the globe.

And, it takes a world-class team to put a young company at the heart of a global healthcare revolution.

World Famous Microbiologist, A Site Director From A Pfizer Vaccine Team, And A Global Entrepreneur Have Teamed To Lead The Revolution At The Heart Of A Disruptive New Mental Health Mega-Trend

Core One Labs (CLABF) could quickly claim its place among the most disruptive companies in the mental healthcare sector for much more than its ability to manufacture synthetic psilocybin or for treating mentally ill people in its clinics.

That’s because Core One Labs has an intellectual capital edge, too. That means patents!

Truly Legendary Microbiologist

Its team is led by Dr. Robert Hancock – a world-renowned microbiologist who’s also the company’s Executive Director.

Dr. Hancock has published more than 670 papers and reviews, is an ISI highly cited author in microbiology with more than 63,000 citations.

He’s also the co-founder of Migenix Inc., Inimex Pharmaceuticals, ABT Innovations, Sepset, and the Centre for Drug Research and Development.

Now, I don’t throw the word “renowned” around casually.

It’s more than appropriate for Dr. Hancock. He’s been honored with the Prix Galien (Highest Award for Canadian Pharmaceutical Research and Innovation), the Killam Prize (Canada Council’s prize for Health Research), Michael Smith CIHR Researcher of the Year, the ICAAC Aventis Antimicrobial Research Award (Leading award worldwide for antimicrobial research) and in 2001 he was inducted as an Officer of the Order of Canada (Canada’s second-highest honor).

Pfizer Vaccine Alum

Dr. Hancock is joined by Dr. Jan Burian, who is Core One’s Chief Technical Officer.

Dr. Burian is a noted biochemist and molecular biologist, a former site director on a Pfizer vaccine team.

In other words, doctors Hancock and Burian are the type of molecular and microbiologists the world turns to in times of crisis.

And, as you’ve seen, save for the SARS-Cov-2 pandemic, mental health may be the world’s biggest crisis today.

For The Better Bottom Line

While the doctors are stellar, Core One Labs’ CEO is a legend.

Joel Shacker has worked extensively in the cannabis and finance space for the past 7 years.

During his time as the CEO of Thoughtful Brands, Inc., a vertically-integrated ecommerce cannabis company, Shacker led the company from a non-revenue generating entity to one that generates over $30 million a year.

He has overseen operations across North America, Europe, Central America, and South America.

Shacker has also been on the board of numerous public companies, which have collectively raised over $50 million.

His expertise in the emerging medical cannabis market, coupled with his business acumen to implement successful growth strategies, has allowed him to become one of the top young CEOs in the public markets.

He has acquired and integrated over 20 different assets across multiple industries, resulting in over $150,000,000 in acquisitions over his career.

Leadership could be Core One Labs’ (CLABF) ultimate edge in the market.

It’s certainly what differentiates it from most microcaps.

And, as it regards the big picture, world-class management is but one of the…

9 Reasons Why Core One Labs (CLABF) Should Be On Every Biotech And Microcap Investors’ Radar Right Now

  1. Superb Timing – This is, in many ways, a dream come true moment. How often do Main Street investors discover a brand-new investment sector at the same time as billionaires and venture capitalists? This new sector – psilocybin to treat mental health conditions such as depression, addiction, and PTSD – could be as disruptive to the market as were Uber, Tesla, Netflix, bitcoin, and their high-flying prices.
  2. Lock In Leverage Now Getting in now alongside billionaire investors, such as Peter Thiel, means when they start staging IPOs, like with his ATAI Life Sciences, you could leverage for tremendous gains the market enthusiasm of other investors. Everyone is looking for an edge in the stock market – this one is here for the taking.
  3. Core One Labs Is The Real Deal At this very moment, Core One Lab (CLABF) molecular biologists are sequencing the DNA for new strains of psilocybin, which they intend to patent. What a time to be alive – when you consider that similar DNA sequencing is how Covid-19 vaccines were able to be made in less than a year. This 21st-century science could be like money in the bank.
  4. $7 Billion Opportunity Current estimates are that the world will need about $7 billion worth of psilocybin by 2027. That equates to about 61 tons. Sometimes adjusting your view a bit – in this case, looking at psilocybin as if it’s a natural resource – can bring into sharp focus the opportunity before you. And 61 tons is a lot of psilocybin.
  5. No-Stress LucrativeWhile Core One Labs (CLABF) will make its own products, the huge money could be in licensing its proprietary strains of psilocybin to other manufacturers. Like a deal that’s in the works with Vocan Brazil Biotechnologies. Core One will collect an upfront fee – in this case, $250,000 – and then a percentage of Vocan’s net profits – at 12.5% in year one.
  6. The Utah Factor It’s likely you can’t find a U.S. state more conservative than Utah. Yet a company based there has administered 3,000 hallucinogen treatments. The average cost per treatment across North America is $500. Core One Labs (CLABF) operates clinics that have a combined 200,000 patient potential. Do the math – the profit potential is staggering. And Core One is set to open more clinics.
  7. FDA Approved Psychedelic Mega-Trend Biotech investors live for moments such as this one. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved and fast-tracked several clinical research trials of psilocybin to treat mental illness. Think of Covid-19, Ebola, and HIV. Once the fast track cracks the FDA’s dam… the flood is not far behind.
  8. O’Leary’s Rule – Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary described the psilocybin opportunity best – and the Core One Lab’s opportunity by extension – when he said… “As an investor, my approach is quite simple. I always look for solutions and trends with the potential to solve vast problems for large numbers of people.”
  9. Core One Labs Could Help Solve A Huge Problem – There are 300 million people in the world who are needlessly suffering from horrible depression. And 12.5% of Gulf War veterans suffering Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. It’s 15% for Vietnam vets with PTSD. Psilocybin has been shown to be a miracle for these former warriors.[xxvi]An

Wall Street Learned Its Lesson With Cannabis… Don’t Waste Time… It’s Why There’s Already A Handful Of Public Companies Trading Shares Based On Their Psilocybin Research And Core One Labs (CLABF) Could End Up The Best

Regulatory inertia is a terrible thing for people who are suffering, but you’ve seen it before… once the ball gets rolling on a healthcare trend, it’s hard to stop.

After all, a Colorado mother successfully treated her daughter’s epilepsy with a marijuana byproduct called CBD.

A major TV network picked up the story, and soon an industry was born.

Today’s CBD market is valued at nearly $3 billion.[xxvii]

The medical marijuana industry was said to be more than $20 billion in 2020. It’s forecast to grow to $90 billion in the next five years.[xxviii]

It’s why you need to consider Core One Labs (CLABF), its solid position in a brand-new sector before the psilocybin mega-trend rushes by you.

Three Decades of Being The First To Spot Wealth Building Mega Trends

Now, I need to shift gears here for a moment and make a confession.

Over my 33 years of writing financial advisories, I’ve generally been a conservative buy-and-hold investor who has to keep his greedy side under control because I love high-potential stories. Who doesn’t?

But most companies with great stories and unlimited upsides are young and have limited revenues.

So, I’ll also never shy away from alerting you about the risks associated with investing in young companies new to the stock market.

That’s why I urge you to always observe my three rules for accepting microcap investing risk:

  • Risk Reduction Rule #1: Never invest more than you can afford to lose.
  • Risk Reduction Rule #2: Do not chase losses. That means if the prices slide, you must resist all temptation to “average down.”
  • Risk Reduction Rule #3: Don’t put all your dreams on one microcap. Allocate your risk capital among a handful of stocks.

A Potential Generational Windfall for Shareholders

After running the numbers – and examining the company closely – I feel that Core One Labs is a one-of-a-kind company with a competitive advantage that gives it the potential to boost its profile and share price significantly over the next 18 months.

While Core One Labs (CLABF) is a tad more aggressive style pick for me than usual, it’s a good example of the deep research I cover in my monthly newsletter, World Opportunity Investor.

But to reiterate my caution, please remember that risk and reward are joined at the hip.

As much as I think Core One Labs’ psychedelic therapy solutions and clinics could be a shoo-in to hand early investors an outsized return, I’m not encouraging you to mortgage the house and buy every share you can get your hands on.

With that said, as I did with my readers, I am recommending Core One Labs (CLABF) to you because it’s the rare young company that could actually disrupt a mature marketplace.

If that happens, the sky’s the limit. And I think that could happen in the next 28 months.*

And I’ll also closely follow Core One Labs through the pages of my monthly World Opportunity Investor newsletter.

If you subscribe to it now, I have a great offer that is backed by an iron-clad guarantee.

It’s a deeply discounted annual subscription rate that comes with access to my wealth library, which contains nearly 20 specific investment opportunities.

But whether you’re inclined to subscribe or not, please don’t let this moment slip away with Core One Labs (CLABF).

Psychedelic Drugs Are Fueling a Mental Health Revolution

Once deemed dangerous and illegal, psychedelic compounds have been rediscovered by the scientific, medical and psychiatric communities as research reveals their capacity to help patients with a range of maladies. – Source: Bloomberg Nov. 23, 2020[xxix]

“The possibilities for psychedelics to be a new medicine and replace antidepressants is 100 times greater than cannabis.” Simeon Schnapper, Managing Partner. JLS Fund. – Source: Bloomberg Dec. 11, 2020[xxx]

Jame DiGeorgia/ EdgeOnTheStreet.com


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