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100-Year-Old Map Leads Mining Legend to Gold-Rich Veins in the Forgotten Alaskan Panhandle[1][2]

While the renowned Golden Triangle has been the site of three gold rushes and some of Canada’s greatest mines[3], its small American section has remained unexplored during modern times – until now[4]

James Hyerczyk is a Florida-based technical analyst, market researcher, educator and trader. James began his career in Chicago in 1982 as a futures market analyst for floor traders at the Chicago Board of Trade, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and numerous brokerage firms. He has been providing quality analysis for professional traders for 40 years.

  • Investors favor gold for wealth preservation, portfolio diversification, potential upside, and as a hedge against inflation.[5] Today, analysts are increasingly bullish on gold, with some calling for a target of $2,500 by the end of next year*.[6]
  • Unfortunately, as gold demand continues to grow, there has been a lack of major gold discoveries and a steady fall in production. More new gold discovery and development projects located in safe jurisdictions are needed to fill the projected future supply-demand gap.[7]
  • On the plus side, receding glaciers[8] and infrastructure upgrades[9] have opened up new opportunities for mineral exploration in and around the Golden Triangle.
  • With more favorable conditions and increasing calls to develop gold and other metal resources, I’m excited about an up-and-coming mineral exploration and development company keenly focused on Alaska, one of the world’s safest mining jurisdictions.[10]
  • Become familiar with Blackwolf Copper & Gold Ltd. (BWCGF) now, as it focuses on strategically chosen precious and base metal projects in the U.S. and British Columbia – including the prolific Golden Triangle.[11][12]
By James Hyerczyk

Boy do I have a “golden” story for you today…

It has the makings of a Hollywood movie.

But it’s no fictional tale…

This story starts in Hyder, Alaska. This tiny outpost lies smackdab on the U.S.-Canada border next to Stewart, British Columbia.

Known as the easternmost town in Alaska,[13] Hyder mainly draws tourists interested in viewing bears.[14]

However, what happened there in 2020 had nothing to do with tourism…

You see, an old-timer walked into one of Hyder’s gold rush-era saloons with the 100-year-old parchment mining map[15] you see pictured below…

Image Source[16]

And he specifically wanted well-known geologist Rob McLeod to see it.

McLeod, who was born and raised in Stewart, B.C., is considered something akin to “mining royalty.” His family connections run deep in B.C. mining circles.[17]

With more than 25 years of experience in mineral exploration and mining[18],  McLeod is credited with jump-starting the modern day Yukon Gold Rush.[19]

His impressive resume includes selling Underworld Resources and its Yukon White Gold project to Kinross Gold Corporation for $139 million in 2010.[20]

Clearly, Rob McLeod knows a little something about gold…

So it’s no wonder that the fellow in the local watering hole came to McLeod with this old mining map…

And while it may be difficult for a layperson to decipher, the map identifies two stacked gold- and silver-rich veins with tram lines running up nearby Cantoo mountain.[21]

McLeod took a close look at the old piece of parchment – and was intrigued by what he saw.

Especially since the Cantoo property had been mostly abandoned and forgotten since the stock market crash of 1929.[22]

With his past gold mining experience, McLeod felt that, if what this map showed was true, he could be on the cusp of something big.*

To see if his initial instincts were true, he hired experienced climbers to scale a steep cliff in the area and obtain sample rocks.[23] With rudimentary tools, the climbers were able to extract an ounce of gold, 1000+ grams of silver, and some copper for good measure. A composite chip sample from the gold-rich vein returned 37.6 grams per metric ton of gold.[24]

The photo below shows this potentially gold-rich* upper vein on the Cantoo cliffs, where the 37.6 g/t Au sample was taken.[25]

Image Source [26]

With his background, Rob McLeod was able to recognize the “golden” potential in these rocks.*

And in May 2021, his company Blackwolf Copper & Gold Ltd. (BWCGF) staked ground around these legendary veins, acquiring a 100% interest in the Hyder properties.[27]

A total of 389 federal claims were staked, covering 9,116 acres.[28]

The Hyder Properties are composed of five claim blocks – Cantoo, Mineral Hill, Texas Creek, Casey, and Rooster.[29]

Graphic Source [30]

Importantly, the Hyder claims lie within an area known as the Golden Triangle.

The Prolific Golden Triangle

When thinking about the shape of Alaska, it’s easy to forget about the slim part of the state that primarily borders British Columbia.

This area, known as the Alaskan Panhandle, is shown in gray on the map below. As you can see, only a small American “gray” section lies within the famed Golden Triangle.

Graphic Source [31] [32]

This tiny area on the U.S. side of the Golden Triangle was explored somewhat up through the 1920’s with known precious and base metal prospects and mines.[33]

But while only minor exploration has been conducted on the Alaskan side over the past 25 years…

The Golden Triangle itself is well-named, as it has been the site of three gold rushes and some of Canada’s greatest mines.[34]

Significant exploration and mining activity took place on the Canadian side of the border, including the past producing Premier, Scottie, and Granduc mines.[35]

But after decades of productive mining and big discoveries, the Golden Triangle largely went dormant. With weakened gold prices, and the area being isolated from major infrastructure, the area was considered too expensive to conduct sampling, surveys, and drill programs.[36]

Today, there’s good news on several fronts…

Despite over 130 million ounces of gold, 800 million ounces of silver and 40 billion pounds of copper having been found in the [Golden Triangle]…[37]

A British Columbia government report estimated that only 0.0006% of the Golden Triangle has been mined to date.[38]

Secondly, there has been a resurgence of interest in the Golden Triangle as mineral exploration conditions and the gold market have improved.[39]

Specifically, there are several infrastructure upgrades.

These include:

  • Paving of the Stewart-Cassiar Highway to make transportation easier
  • The opening of ocean port facilities at Stewart; and
  • Completion of a $700 million high-voltage transmission line bringing power to mining companies in the Golden Triangle.[40]

Another unusual factor contributing to renewed interest is the declining snow cover.[41]

Melting Glaciers – Ominous or Opportunity?

The Golden Triangle is home to a number of large mountain glaciers.

However, due to climate change, these once-mighty giants are melting.[42]

In recent years, glacial ice and snow has retreated in many parts of the region, revealing rocks that were not accessible before.

Climate experts see it as an ominous warning sign.

But for miners, these changes offer the potential opportunity to extract minerals that had remained untouched under a wall of snow and ice.[43]

Graphic Source[44]
Mining experts believe that continued glacial retreat may reveal some interesting surprises for junior miners gearing up to explore new and existing targets*.[45] As CBC News points out:
“In the 1800s, prospectors traveled to the Golden Triangle in hopes of striking gold. Now, due to receding glaciers, the land is offering miners a new opportunity to explore its riches.”*[46]
I consider these factors to be good news* for a company such as Blackwolf Copper & Gold Ltd. (BWCGF).

Hyder Properties Could Benefit From Glacial Retreat

Rob McLeod, now Executive Chairman of Blackwolf (BWCGF), explains why this this climate-related event is important when it comes to the Hyder property:

“Veins of native electrum, a naturally occurring alloy of gold and silver, that were identified at the margin of an icefield in the 1920s are of the same nature as the Brucejack and Premier mines, and there has been obvious extensive glacial retreat since that time.”[47]

As McLeod points out, the Hyder area properties cover some of the last unexplored areas of the Golden Triangle, with minimal modern exploration.[48]

The Cantoo Property was not previously drilled, yet had some historic mining and exploration performed in the 1920’s.[49]

In September 2023, Blackwolf (BWCGF) completed its maiden drilling program at the Cantoo Property with three drill holes totalling 1,356 meters.[50]

Initial visual observation of the drill core suggests significant mineralization consistent with a porphyry system similar to copper, gold, and molybdenum deposits in the Golden Triangle.[51]

Graphic Source[52]

As the company awaits assay results from Cantoo, drilling was moved to test gold-silver targets at Blackwolf’s newly-acquired Harry Project.[53]

A Noted Mining Entrepreneur Brings Harry Assets to Blackwolf (BWCGF)

In September 2023, Blackwolf (BWCGF) reported the acquisition of Optimum Ventures Ltd. together with its Harry Property holdings.[54]

In conjunction with this transaction, Andrew Bowering, mining entrepreneur and founder of Optimum, joined Blackwolf’s board of directors. Blackwolf (BWCGF) believes this merger will contribute significantly to its goal of creating value for shareholders.*[55]

Andrew Bowering is a renowned venture capitalist with over 30 years of experience in global mineral exploration and development and a track record of building shareholder value.[56]

He has founded, funded, and led teams in the pursuit of various metals, from initial exploration to production. Bowering has raised over $250 million in development capital. He was a founder of Millennial Lithium Corp (acquired by Lithium Americas for $400 million[57]) and is actively involved in other publicly traded companies in the battery metals and precious metals sectors.[58]

Besides his stellar background, what else did Andrew Bowering bring to the Blackwolf (BWCGF) table?

The Harry Property, also located in the Golden Triangle, comprised of three contiguous claims covering an area of approximately 3,293 acres.[59]

The property has road access and is situated between the past-producing Scottie Gold Mine and the historic Premier Gold Project, currently in re-development.[60]

The Harry Property lies along the northwestern portion of a geological corridor prospective for gold-silver mineralization that is up to 3 kilometers wide and at least 15 kilometers long.[61]

Graphic Source[62]

In October 2023, Blackwolf (BWCGF) completed its initial drilling program targeting the Swann Zone on the Harry Property. Seven drill holes were completed, with each hole encountering significant mineralization. The sixth drill hole encountered coarse visible gold, including an approximately 10cm long streak at roughly 140 meters depth.[63] Assays are pending and initial results are expected in the coming weeks.[64]

Based on previous surface sampling and limited drilling by Optimum Ventures, these different vein phases have the potential to host significant gold, silver and/or base metal-rich mineralization. These metallogenic systems have similarities to other high-grade gold-silver deposits in the Golden Triangle, such as Brucejack and Premier.[65]

But as they say, wait – there’s more…

Saved the Best for Last – The Niblack Project

Of course, Blackwolf (BWCGF) strongly believes in the exploration and development potential of its Hyder/Cantoo and Harry properties.

However, they consider the company’s main asset to be the advanced exploration stage Niblack Copper, Gold, Silver, Zinc Project.[66]

Blackwolf (BWCGF) owns a 100% interest[67] in this project, located on Prince of Wales Island in southeast Alaska near the town of Ketchikan. The project covers approximately 6,200 acres, including 250 acres of patented lands.[68]

The Niblack Project consists of seven patented mining claims surrounded by 298 contiguous staked Federal mining claims, and seven State of Alaska tideland claims.[69]

Niblack is located on tidewater, with year-round marine and floatplane access and significant existing site infrastructure.[70]

The project hosts a series of polymetallic copper-gold-zinc-silver volcanogenic massive sulphide (VMS) deposits – and has a 120+ year history that includes exploration and production.[71]

Property scale exploration programs which include mapping, sampling, and geophysical surveys have been conducted, together with over 120,000 meters of drilling in 424 holes from both surface and via an underground exploration tunnel.[72]

These programs have discovered and delineated six known zones of VMS mineralization (Lookout, Trio, Dama, Lindsy, Mammoth, and the historic Niblack mine site).[73]

Graphic Source[74]

A 2022 NI 43-101 Mineral Resource Update notes that gold content is noticeably higher than the average for VMS systems and is associated with all styles of mineralization.[75]

Blackwolf (BWCGF) anticipates that this American property has the potential for bulk underground mining, leaving a low environmental footprint.[76]

“Niblack’s proximity to tidewater with a production-size underground ramp, and site infrastructure including a water treatment facility, positions Niblack as one of the most advanced, largest and highest-grade polymetallic deposits in the Pacific Northwest.”*[77] – Rob McLeod, Blackwolf Executive Chairman 

Why Do VMS Deposits Impress Geologists?

Volcanogenic massive sulphide (VMS) deposits are a primary source for many of the materials necessary to our modern world and its devices, including vehicles, phones, and computers.[78]

They form on or below the ocean floor and are associated with volcanic and/or sedimentary rocks. VMS deposits are one of the richest sources of base metals such as copper, zinc, and others. They can also produce precious metals such as gold and silver.[79]

Graphic Source[80]

Several large, high-grade VMS deposits have already been identified in Canada, typically in the range of 5-20 million metric tons (or more) of ore.[81]

Importantly, VMS deposits are known to have the potential for long-term production.[82]

Cooperative “Hub and Spoke” Mill Planned

Typically, several VMS deposits feed a central mill, creating economies of scale. By-products generated from production of different metals also enhance the cash cost profile for the associated mining companies, adding benefit to investors.*[83]

With this in mind, in early 2023, Blackwolf (BWCGF) was one of five junior companies that signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to share use of a permitted “hub and spoke”[84] mill at Kitsault, B.C.

This centralized polymetallic processing facility would accept mineralized material from their individual projects. The mill, owned by New Moly, is located near tidewater, power, and roads on the border of Alaska and British Columbia.[85]

Signing the MOU was only done after consulting on the concept with the indigenous Nisga’a Nation[86], an important and respectful aspect of ESG (environmental, social, governance) principles.[87]

Blackwolf (BWCGF) believes the potential synergies of this cooperative scenario could reduce respective capital costs, leave a smaller environmental footprint, and reduce permitting timelines and risks by using a permitted site located on tidewater.[88]

Legendary Mining Financier as an Insider and Top Shareholder

Renowned mining financier Frank Giustra has founded over 200 public companies in his career. He’s one of Canada’s leading entrepreneurs with a track record of success in the mining investment space. He was Founder and Director of Wheaton River Minerals Ltd., which sold to Goldcorp for a whopping C$2 billion.[89]

It’s no wonder why I’ve nicknamed him the “Warren Buffet of Mining.”

Giustra rarely becomes an insider in junior explorers.[90] But with Blackwolf (BWCGF), he not only became a strategic investor, but also one of its largest shareholders.[91]

Here’s why, in his own words…

“The potential for a new discovery of wide, gold and silver rich veins at Blackwolf’s Cantoo Property, coupled with Management’s expertise in the Golden Triangle as well as the deep value in the Niblack copper-gold deposit are very compelling… I am particularly excited to see the results of this season’s exploration program of its Cantoo Property. Although it’s early days, I think the potential for a high-grade discovery is exceptional.”* – Frank Giustra[92]

Let’s backtrack for a moment, to examine why more gold discoveries are urgently needed…

Gold Reserves Have Declined, Leading to a Growing Demand for New Discoveries[93]

Gold is a smart investment in any economy.*[94] The precious metal is considered a reliable hedge against inflation, a store of value, and I believe a smart way to diversify portfolios.*[95]

But gold also possesses unique properties that make it irreplaceable in today’s world. Gold is used extensively in electronics and other applications that impact our daily lives. It’s also at the cutting edge of technology, used in everything from space exploration to wearable diagnostic devices.[96]

Unfortunately, global gold reserves have steadily declined in recent years, in concert with a lack of new discoveries. To turn this trend around and make up for growing gold demand, there’s a need for new mining projects to be introduced – and new discoveries to be made – particularly in safe jurisdictions.[97]

Mining in Safe Jurisdictions – the U.S.A and Friendly B.C.

According to the Fraser Institute, as of 2021, seven of the top 10 mining jurisdictions for investment were located in North America.[98] And Alaska has been designated one of the world’s safest mining jurisdictions.[99]

As the world continues to experience uncertain markets and political turmoil, mining projects located in safe jurisdictions:

  • Offer a better opportunity for investors and mining companies alike[100]
  • Offer stakeholders long-term value[101]
  • Are more likely to succeed and contribute to the economic prosperity of a region for a prolonged period of time[102]

Gold is Great – But What About Those Other Metals?

You’ve heard about the 6-million metric ton Niblack Copper, Gold, Silver, Zinc deposit.[103]

Blackwolf Copper & Gold Ltd. (BWCGF) believes copper exploration is so important, the company included the metal in its business name…

Copper, the “red metal,” has such an abundance of uses, its demand is considered an economic bellwether.[104]

Over the past 10 years or so, copper demand has increased due to electric vehicle adoption, an increased focus on renewable energy, and “green” infrastructure spending.[105]

Without copper, experts say there would be no clean energy transition at all.[106]

S&P Global estimates that more copper will need to be mined in the next few decades than has been extracted over the past several thousand years of human history.[107]

In addition, for national security, it’s important for the U.S. to wrestle back control of the American copper supply.[108] Statista reports that, in 2020, communist China was responsible for almost 42% percent of global production of refined copper – more than 10 million metric tons.[109]

And just to touch on two more important metals with the potential to be mined by Blackwolf (BWCGF)

Zinc, primarily used to produce galvanized steel, made the 2022 list of minerals that are critical to the U.S. economy and national security.[110]

Silver, the world’s most conductive element, is also considered a critical metal in the clean energy transition, especially for its use in solar panels and electric batteries.[111]

Top 10 Reasons to Consider Putting Blackwolf Copper & Gold Ltd. (BWCGF) On Your Investment Radar or in Your Portfolio Now*

I personally love the story about Blackwolf (BWCGF) – and when I see majors like Andy Bowering and Frank Giustra supporting the company, I am confident it is worth doing my homework. The research I’ve done tells me that this exciting company could be worth your consideration too.*

Just to recap, here are ten of the top reasons why I believe Blackwolf (BWCGF) could soon be attracting more attention from savvy investors:

[Graphic Source[114]

Don't Miss Your Opportunity To Lock In Your Position With Blackwolf Copper & Gold Ltd. (BWCGF)

Now’s the time to take action by showing this report to your investment advisor or broker immediately.*

Blackwolf Copper & Gold Ltd. (BWCGF) is a mineral exploration and development company based in Vancouver, BC, and focused on base and precious metal projects located in southeast Alaska and British Columbia.[134]

The company believes their diverse portfolio of properties could provide exceptional opportunities for growth. Blackwolf’s (BWCGF) long-term vision is to continue to build shareholder value through exploration and accretive acquisitions.*[135]

I believe getting in front of this now could be a highly rewarding decision* and it’s an ideal time to consider an early entry into a strongly growth-oriented venture.

While investing in Blackwolf Copper & Gold (BWCGF) has a potential for higher rewards than traditional mining operations, there is always risk. And, of course, past performance is no guarantee of future results.*

I am not an investment advisor. But the “rules” I go by are these:

  • I never invest more than I can afford to lose.
  • I do not chase losses. If prices slide, it’s important to resist the temptation to “average down.”*
  • I don’t put all my dreams on a single stock. Instead, I make it part of a wider asset allocation strategy in my portfolio.

Regardless, I believe my analysis of the potentially huge reward of Blackwolf Copper & Gold Ltd. (BWCGF) is a good one.*

I wish you success in all your investments.

– James Hyerczyk |

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Top 10 Reasons to Consider Putting Blackwolf Copper & Gold Ltd. (BWCGF) On Your Investment Radar or in Your Portfolio Now*

I personally love the story about Blackwolf (BWCGF) – and when I see majors like Andy Bowering and Frank Giustra supporting the company, I am confident it is worth doing my homework. The research I’ve done tells me that this exciting company could be worth your consideration too.*

Just to recap, here are ten of the top reasons why I believe Blackwolf (BWCGF) could soon be attracting more attention from savvy investors:

[Graphic Source[114]
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