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Is this crazy story too good to be true? It’s not…

For Investors Who Seek Gold Stock Opportunities

Three renowned mining legends have joined forces to create a gold and copper opportunity so rare and mind-boggling in scope, it could only be called an investment for the ages.

James Hyerczyk is a Florida-based technical analyst, market researcher, educator and trader. James began his career in Chicago in 1982 as a futures market analyst for floor traders at the Chicago Board of Trade, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and numerous brokerage firms. He has been providing quality analysis for professional traders for 40 years.

  • One of the men is a well-known billionaire.
  • Another is known for starting huge gold rushes.[1]
  • The third founded two companies that have delivered stock gains beyond 6,000% and 5,100% in the past 5 years, plus one that jumped beyond 1,500%.*[2][3][4]
  • But the real story is this: they’ve found what has the potential to be nearly $1.3 billion in gold, silver, and copper on a lonely Alaskan island.[5]
  • And you’ll be stunned by what they’ve discovered in the earth after global warming melted a huge slice of an Alaskan glacier.[6]
By James Hyerczyk

Dear Investor,

Gold is on fire. Its price per ounce is past $2,000 and again dancing with its all-time high.[7]

Moreover, as you’ll see, this raging gold bull is forecast to pick up its pace throughout 2024.*[8][9]

That means there may never be a better moment than now to shoot for the moon.

And the path to potential moonshot riches has been cleared by three legends of the North American mining industry.

They lead Blackwolf Copper and Gold (BWCGF).

Blackwolf Copper and Gold has set up a triple play of three gold projects with a dose of copper mixed in.

Each project is located within or on the edge of the internationally renowned Golden Triangle, which is made up of mineral-rich land in both British Columbia and Alaska.

This means Blackwolf Copper and Gold (BWCGF) is situated within what could be one of the world’s largest concentrations of minerals.

For the Golden Triangle is said to hold: [10] [11]

  • 188 million ounces of estimated gold reserves, with 61 million ounces proven and probable.[12][13]
  • 2 billion ounces of silver, with 214 million ounces proven and probable.[14][15]
  • 55 billion pounds of copper, with 12.3 billion pounds proven and probable.[16][17]a

That adds up to about a quarter of a trillion dollars.*[18]

More than enough to go around, especially, as you’ll see, if you know the right people.

So, while there’s a chance that Blackwolf’s ultimate Golden Triangle reserve yields could soon be beyond comprehension, today, each project is early stage.*

Yet each has, so far, indicated excellent gold grades including two that have shown highly coveted bonanza-grade gold.[19]

In Brief: This Could Be A GOLD PLAY FOR THE AGES

Company: Blackwolf Copper and Gold
Symbol: BWCGF

As gold flirts with its all-time high, and is forecast to soar higher, three legendary mining-sector winners have a gold exploration company that’s already flashing strong potential thanks to some bonanza-grade gold and three projects with audacious upside potential.

Wall Street’s analysts are broadly bullish about gold’s medium-term prospects. J.P. Morgan forecasts a series of Fed rate cuts between the second half of 2024 and the first half of 2025 will lift prices to $2,300. – The Wall Street Journal, Dec.5, 2023

Source 17b

Blackwolf Is In A Bonanza Gold Neighborhood

That’s not surprising considering its Golden Triangle neighbors, which include these:[20]

  • Eskay Creek – This is considered to be the world’s most precious metal-rich Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide [21]
  • KSM – It’s considered to be the world’s largest undeveloped Copper/Gold porphyry deposit. It has an initial 44-year mine life production plan, with reserves of 38.8 million ounces of gold and 10.2 billion pounds of copper.[22]
  • BruceJack – Discovered by the McLeod family, the mine began production in 2017 and is considered one of the highest-grade gold mines (16.2 g/t) to have opened in recent years. It holds an estimated gold reserve of 4.2 million ounces.[23]

Lightly Explored, But Heavy With Potential

Before we go deeper with a comprehensive look into how perfectly Blackwolf Copper and Gold could fit into this neighborhood, here’s a brief overview of its three high-potential Golden Triangle projects,

NIBLACK PROPERTY –The first solid results from Blackwolf’s Niblack Property, filed with federal regulators, indicated resources worth $898 million at today’s prices.[24]

Niblack also holds a potential fortune in today’s most critical metal: copper.

Blackwolf also just started exploring what it calls the “Harry Property.”

HARRY PROPERTY – Harry sits adjacent to what could be one of the highest-grade operating gold mines in the world – the BruceJack mine. That could be why Blackwolf’s earliest results at Harry are so spectacular – including bonanza-grade gold.[25]

By the way, the BruceJack high-grade mine near Harry is named for Bruce and Jack McLeod, the grandfather and cousin of Blackwolf’s Executive Charman.[26]

HYDER PROPERTY – Blackwolf’s Hyder Property has a unique element to it – one that could portend historic results. That’s because some of Hyder sits on the edge of a huge gold zone. But until recently, it was covered by an Ice Age glacier that’s now shrinking because of global warming.

Early exploration of Hyder found something phenomenal, too – a vein of bonanza grade-gold 98 feet thick and 1,640-feet long.[27]

Blackwolf Copper and Gold:
Nothing Less Than A Gold Investor’s Dream*

So, that’s the thumbnail sketch of Blackwolf Copper and Gold (BWCGF), which has a share price so low it could turn out to be one of the greatest junior gold exploration investments of all time.

Certainly, when you consider that its team includes the first humans to extensively explore land that a glacier once covered since the Ice Age – Blackwolf could be an investment event for the ages.*

In short: Blackwolf Copper and Gold (BWCGF), is a company led by three legendary mining icons, who have brought to the public three exquisite gold properties.*

Now, here’s the whole story.

The Magic McLeod Touch… When “Renowned” Is An Understatement

headshot-placeholder The big money and mining legends involved with Blackwolf Copper and Gold (BWCGF) revolve around a man who could be called a human gold rush…

Rob McLeod. He’s the Executive Chairman of the company’s board.

He’s also a member of the world-famous McLeod mining family, which is based in Stewart, British Columbia, in the heart of the Golden Triangle gold belt.[28]

The family burnished its legend when it discovered the massive BruceJack mine 40 miles northwest of Stewart.[29]

The BruceJack has about 4 million ounces of gold in proven/probable reserves, and 7.2 million in measured and indicated resources.[30]

As of April 2022, BruceJack was yielding an average of 1,000 ounces of gold per day… or about $104 million a year at today’s near-record price.[31]

That possibly led Newcrest Mining to spend $2.7 billion to acquire the BruceJack… and, on hold to your hats… then, Newmont Mining spent $16.8 billion to acquire Newcrest.[32][33]

Consistently Finding Gold

That, of course, is McLeod family history, but in a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately world, Rob McLeod could answer, “quite a lot.”

Including Blackwolf Copper and Gold, his recent Golden Triangle exploits are notable – particularly for discovering what today is the Ascot Resources’ Red Mountain Property – about 10 miles from Stewart.[34]

Last I checked, Red Mountain hosted a measured and indicated gold resource of 782,600 ounces – worth about $1.6 billion at today’s of around $2,046 an ounce.[35]

Worldwide Fame

So, Rob McLeod has lived up to his Golden Triangle reputation. That alone should be enough for investors to take a long, hard look at Blackwolf Copper and Gold (BWCGF).*

But McLeod’s worldwide fame was made as the founder of Underworld Resources in the Yukon. 

McLeod and his team discovered what is known today as the White Gold District, after his discovery set off the wildest Yukon gold rush since the 1896 Klondike Gold Rush.[36]

The White Gold District is quite a phenomenon with all the major players, including Goldcorp. Its Coffee Property has a proven and probable gold reserves of 2.1 million ounces – worth a cool $4.3 billion today.[37]

The Cult Of Andy Bowering

Andy Bowering
Andy Bowering

Much of today’s frantic action in the Golden Triangle takes place on McLeod’s home turf near Stewart.

Combined, more than 40 miners and explorers are active in the Triangle.[38]

Yet, in the middle of the action, one property near BruceJack, Scottie Gold, and Ascot, sat empty, idle, and unworked. And it had Rob McLeod’s full attention.

The property is the Harry Property. It was owned by one of the world’s most famous modern-day explorers and financiers – Andrew “Andy” Bowering.

If you know the name, you’ll know why Harry sat idle despite the possibility that it sits on a river of gold that starts in the super high-grade BruceJack.

Harry sat idle because Bowering was way too busy founding companies such as Prime Mining, Millennial Lithium, and American Lithium… companies with which investors could have claimed mighty rewards.

But Harry was close to Rob McLeod’s home base. And, to make a long story short, McLeod got his hands on Harry when he bought it from Bowering in 2023, which also earned Bowering a seat on Blackwolf Copper and Gold’s board.[39]

Uncanny Foresight Means Leads To Big Wins

If that is not the stuff of legends, this is.

Those who bought into Prime Mining around this time four years ago could have seen the stock rise 1,581% exactly three years later.*[40]

Next, Bowing’s company Millennial Lithium, gave investors a chance to make more than 1,100% between March 2020 and November 2021, just before Lithium Americas bought Millennial in late January 2022 for $491 million.*[41]

Then there is American Lithium, Bowering’s Nevada claystone lithium project. It made a splash when it announced initial resources for its Tonopah project.

Investors who were prescient enough to buy American Lithium for pennies in late 2020 could have seen the stock as high as 5,455% a year later.*[42]

To be frank, back then was a wild time for lithium…

Yet, as it trades today on the Nasdaq, investors who stuck with Bowering’s company for the past three years could still be up by as much as 1,322%.*[43]

That’s why there was excitement when Andy Bowering joined Blackwolf Copper and Gold (BWCGF).

The Clear, Unambiguous Sign To Put Blackwolf On Your Radar*

I am set to show you the super potential of Blackwolf’s three projects.

But first I need to share with you a little-known fact that, in my mind, is a virtual command to gold investors to pour into Blackwolf Copper and Gold (BWCGF)* – after serious due diligence, of course.

As I write to you, Blackwolf has about a $20 million market cap… and trades for $0.16.[44]

Frank Giustra

Yet, it’s likely that Blackwolf’s most enthusiastic shareholder is a billionaire who is a noted philanthropist.

He’s Frank Giustra who has made a true billion-dollar fortune investing in startup mineral explorers.

Giustra owns 14.5% of Blackwolf Copper and Gold. [45]

This could be the largest position that he’s ever taken in a junior explorer.[46]

The reason?

He put it this way, “The potential for a new discovery of wide gold and silver-rich veins at Blackwolf’s Cantoo Property, coupled with Management’s expertise in the Golden Triangle as well as the deep value in the Niblack copper-gold deposit are very compelling.”[47]

Then he added, “Although it’s early days, I think the potential for a high-grade discovery is exceptional,” he said.

This is from a man whose Wikipedia page is four type-written pages long.

Now, I hate the term “follow the money.”

But, in this case, it is a waving green flag to risk tolerant investors to do their homework on Blackwolf Copper and Gold (BWCGF).*

The Last Unexplored Frontier In The Golden Triangle

So, those are the legends involved with Blackwolf Copper and Gold (BWCGF).

Now, here’s the nitty gritty on the high-potential Golden Triangle properties they control.

Blackwolf’s Hyder is a massively high-potential property. At 12-sqaure-miles large, Hyder sits on the American side of the Golden Triangle, in Alaska.[48]

There’s been virtually no modern exploration on Hyder because a lot of it was covered by the Salmon Glacier.

But an old mining map led Rob McLeod back to a section of Hyder, called Cantoo. Over the past 20 years, a fast-melting glacier revealed this virgin land.

Cynics would consider this a global warming bonus… gold investors could only see dollar signs.

The drill results were spectacular.

Initial assays at Cantoo were spectacular.

Bonanza Grade Bust Out

Cantoo’s individual assays ran as high as 37.6 g/t Au. [49]

Anything above 31.1 grams per metric ton is considered bonanza grade… bonanza being gold’s very best grade.[50]

On top of that, the bonanza-grade gold was highlighted by a 98-foot-wide gold-rich vein.[51]

This early result was not that surprising.

That’s because, while unexplored, Cantoo is but 1.5 miles away across the border from Ascot’s Premier mine project.[52]

The Premier area boasts historic production of 2.5 million ounces of gold and 42 million ounces of silver, often at very high grades.[53]

Harry’s BruceJack-Like Zone

Other sections of Hyder also have stellar initial results.

That’s especially true when considering that gold grades from underground mines have fallen 20% to 4.1 g/t Au during the past 21 years.[54]

The Solo prospect had excellent grab samples including a fat 20.6 grams per metric ton gold and a solid 6.0 g/t Au.[55]

Those came from a mineralized zone similar to the historic ultra-high-grade veins discovered by the McLeod family at the BruceJack deposit…[56]

“Similar to BruceJack,” being words that get hearts in the Golden Triangle beating faster.

Those results were from Blackwolf Copper and Gold’s (BWCGF) 2022 drill program.

Now, investors await 2023 drill results hoping for them to be another round of headline makers.

Harry Property… Likely A Spectacular Discovery In The Making

As for Blackwolf Copper and Gold’s Harry Property I have only two words for you – Research Now.

Harry could have all the makings of a monster gold mine.

It’s a tidy five square miles bordered by Ascot Resources to the east and south, BruceJack to the north, and Scottie Gold to the west.

It’s very first assays were off the charts. If there was a super bonanza-grade this could be it.

The exploration found bonanza-grade gold zones in the same drill hole.

The numbers are staggering — 312 grams per metric ton of gold and 101 grams per metric ton of silver.[57]

A deeper hole found 277 g/t Au and118 g/t Ag.[58]

In short, Harry looks like Newmont’s BruceJack-style gold system with ultra-high-grade quartz-gold veins.

Let me be clear. I am not saying BruceJack is comparable.

What I’m saying is that should Harry’s exploration continue on this path, then we should not forget that before Newmont spent $16.8 billion to acquire it, Newcrest spent $2.7 billion to own BruceJack.*[59][60]

Today, it’s one of North America’s most prominent high-grade underground mines. [61]

Tomorrow, let’s hope Blackwolf Copper and Gold’s (BWCGF) Harry Property joins the club.

Gold Could Be Set For A Megatrend Run

Without even looking at Blackwolf’s Niblack property, Hyder and Harry are reminders that there could never be a better time than now to research a junior explorer.

That’s because gold could be set to soar. 

Even J.P. Morgan forecasts that within 18 months gold could be $2,300 an ounce.[62]

The backdrop for higher gold prices is the Fed’s lower interest-rate-path, higher geopolitical and economic risks… and a continuation of the central bank buying spree.

And sellers could continue to set the price.

In fact, in 2022, central banks snapped up gold at the fastest pace since 1967.[63]

The spree continued in 2023 when central banks’ demand totaled 337.1 tons. That was down a bit from the record 458.8 tons in 2022.[64]

But central banks were driving a market where official sector gold purchases topped 800 tons, more than in any January-September period going back to 2000.[65]

As you might expect, China was the largest buyer.

In fact, remember billionaire Frank Giustra? He summarized this exact point on a recent podcast. He states “Physical gold has been moving from West to East. In huge quantities. And now it’s accelerating.”[66]

Russia, in particular, accelerated its gold purchases after being hit by Western sanctions following its annexation of Crimea in 2014 and its unprovoked war with Ukraine.[67]

Countries such as Turkey, India, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, and Thailand have been stockpiling gold to hedge against financial and geopolitical risks affecting currencies, primarily the U.S. dollar.[68]

So, investors in Blackwolf Copper and Gold (BWCGF) can thank sellers such as Switzerland, France, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom for seizing the opportunity to maximize profits with stiff prices.[69]

Blackwolf’s Niblack Property Is A Different Animal That Could Initially Be Worth Nearly $1.3 Billion*

But it’s not that Blackwolf Copper and Gold’s (BWCGF) needs high gold prices.

That’s the beauty of its Niblack property.

It’s in a more developmental stage than Harry’s and Hyder’s exploration stages,

Because along with estimates for 120m lb of copper, 47,000 ounces of gold and 5.1 million ounces of silver, worth $898 million…[70]

The Niblack Property could hold tens of thousands of metric tons of today’s most in-demand metal – copper.

Located on Prince of Wales Island in southeast Alaska, Niblack’s current estimate, in a regulatory filing, is 50,675 metric tons of copper.[71]

Honestly, that seems like a small start. But a small start worth more than $427 million at today’s price of around $8440 a ton.[72]

But since Blackwolf is exploring five new zones at Niblack the prospects for expansion are exciting.[73]

The timing for Blackwolf Copper and Gold’s (BWCGF) is excellent, too, because copper could be the most critical metal in the clean energy, electrification, megatrend.

The Road To Net Zero Begins And Ends With Copper… That Puts Blackwolf Copper and Gold (BWCGF) In The Driver’s Seat

All infrastructure built to support renewable energy uses large amounts of copper because it’s a highly efficient conductor of heat and electricity. 

Millions of feet of copper wiring will be required for strengthening the world’s power grids.

The global electricity grid needs to double in size by 2050 to meet net-zero targets. That’ll take an estimated 427 million metric tons of copper.[74]

And in the U.S., modernizing 600,000 miles of transmission and distribution lines is forecasted to require 2.4 million metric tons.[75]

Hundreds of thousands of tons will also be needed to build wind and solar farms.

An offshore wind turbine, for example, contains eight metric tons of copper per megawatt of generation capacity.[76]

Most wind turbines today have an install capacity of 3 megawatts – that’s 24 metric tons of copper per turbine.[77]

Now, this is where it gets crazy.

There are more than 560,000 megawatts of planned offshore wind power by 2032.[78]

But offshore means miles and miles of copper cable for each turbine to deliver its power to shore.

That means 31 tons of copper for every 3 megawatts, or about 5.7 million tons.[79]

Throw in 350 million electric vehicles by 2030,[80] with an average of 176 pounds of copper, and you can see what led S&P Global Vice Chair Daniel Yergin to say…

“Even if you put on your roller skates and your jet burner [to realize optimistic supply growth], and everything goes right, there’s still a gap because it’s enormous. And it’s important to recognize that now, not in 2035.”[81]

Eyes Wide Open

So, the confluence of global events and timing could make Blackwolf Copper and Gold (BWCGF) an ideal megatrend-riding investment.*

Stir in the fact that its three properties hold vast potential, and that its heartbeat is that of three mining legends, and you can see why I believe Blackwolf Copper and Gold (BWCGF) is an investment for the ages.

And, while this, to me, could be the ideal time to make a move into Blackwolf Copper & Gold, while it still trades for pennies on the dollar, there is always risk because Blackwolf is, at this early stage, a pure speculation.*

So, while I am not an investment advisor and I am not telling you what to do, the rules I follow are:

  • I never invest more than I can afford to lose.
  • I don’t chase losses. With penny stocks, if the prices slide, it’s important to resist the temptation to average down.
  • I don’t put all my dreams on a single stock. Instead, I make penny stocks a tiny portion of my portfolio’s wider asset allocation strategy.

So I’m cautious, with eyes-wide-open, without losing sight of the idea that its position as a high-potential gold play is just one of the

8 Reasons Why I Believe Investors Should Strongly Consider Putting Blackwolf Copper and Gold (BWCGF) On Their Radars*

Investors examining Blackwolf Copper and Gold (BWCGF) as part of their due diligence should consider its stellar attributes:

Blackwolf Copper and Gold (BWCGF):
There May Not Be Another Stock Like It In The Market

Blackwolf Copper and Gold (BWCGF) is a straightforward easy-to-understand opportunity.

It’s overlooked right now, despite a near-record price, as are most gold stocks today.

But I think this winter, and through all of 2024, Blackwolf’s tremendous properties, Hyder, Harry, and Niblack, have the potential to generate huge headlines.

That’s usually the kind of thing that could happen to the three legends who control Blackwolf – Mcleod, Bowering, and Giustra.

And don’t forget along with its risks, its ultra-low price versus what could be its super-high upside.

These are good reasons for investors to focus on due diligence.*

And that makes now the right time to call your broker or talk to an investment adviser.

Have them dig into why Blackwolf Copper and Gold (BWCGF) could be an all-time gold play for the ages.

– James Hyerczyk |

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8 Reasons Why I Believe Investors Should Strongly Consider Putting Blackwolf Copper and Gold (BWCGF) On Their Radars*

Investors examining Blackwolf Copper and Gold (BWCGF)as part of their due diligence should consider its stellar attributes:

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