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Tech Startup Stole A Secret From Nature And Is Working on What Could Be A Stellar Fortune-Builder

The startup’s startling breakthrough has the power to make millions of lives safer and enter a multi-billion dollar market…

  • The global implications could be staggering as it could change disinfecting practices for the better.
  • The breakthrough harnesses nanotechnology in a way that’s been proven to stymie deadly pathogens.
  • Another startup from the same innovation center was just acquired for $2.4 billion.

James Hyerczyk is a Florida-based technical analyst, market researcher, educator and trader. James began his career in Chicago in 1982 as a futures market analyst for floor traders at the Chicago Board of Trade, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and numerous brokerage firms. He has been providing quality analysis for professional traders for over 40 years.

In my 40 plus years in the markets I can’t recall ever seeing a story such as this in which a startup could prevent millions of deaths a year.

To be succinct: since the advent of super-computing technology, tech investors have counted on the fact that startup companies with true breakthroughs can come out of nowhere and deliver soaring gains.

The company in this story plans to turn infectious disease control on its head. That’s because it’s one of the very first companies with a novel solution to one of the world’s deadliest problems – deadly superbugs and viruses that can spread unchecked.

Hello, I am James HyerczykIt’s why I am so confident that FDXTF could be one of 2024’s top plays… a traditional, sudden, and rapid tech mover.*[1] That said, I hope you’ll get an opinion from your broker or investment advisor.

Stay the hell out of the hospital.

Do that or hope that a pioneering tech startup gets its new breakthrough product development rapidly distributed across North America when it enters the market.

That’s because the startup looks to be the only one that has finally chased down an exact and novel antimicrobial technology.

It’s just announced real world trials and, as I write, beta testing for a mass-market rollout.[2]

That’s because the biotech breakthrough is aimed at drastically reducing the $28 billion it costs each year in the U.S. to treat deadly hospital acquired infections.[3]

These antibiotic resistant bacterial infections, like MRSA, kill tens of thousands of Americans each year… early deaths that cost society $12.4 billion annually.[4]

A Silent And Fatal Pandemic Meets Its Match

But you don’t hear much about MRSA, or the death and suffering they cause, which is why experts call the killer superbugs a silent pandemic.[5]

Unlike a mass pandemic caused by a virus, MRSA has created a world where once treatable infections have become untreatable…[6]

The life-threatening, fast-mutating superbugs continue to fight off medicine’s strongest weapons – antibiotics.

That makes the bacteria medical terrorists.

And it’s why FendX Technologies (FDXTF) and its antimicrobial nanotechnology breakthrough should put FendX on the radars of early-stage tech investors.*

Nanotechnology is a branch of technology that manipulates materials on an atomic or molecular scale, and it could be a gamechanger for this entire market.

That’s because technology is stepping in where medical science has failed.So, here’s the whole story of FendX (FDXTF) and why its nanotechnology breakthrough, REPELWRAP™ film, look like a potential market disruptor.

As a bonus, we’ll look at a wild new product that just jumped off of FendX’s drawing board.

If FendX is right, its nanotech breakthrough can be transformed into cutting-edge products that could become the next Lysol and dominate the disinfectant market said to grow to $7.57 billion this year.[7]*

FendX REPELWRAP™ Film Breakthrough

MRSA, by the way, is a mouthful that stands for Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus…as I said, they are bacteria terrorists. Eliminate one variant and another pops up.

Even worse, there is now an increasing drug resistance to even the latest remaining effective antibiotics, according to the World Economic Forum.[8]

Moreover, the combination of the recent COVID virus along with MRSA and other antibiotic resistant bacterial infections took a big toll on human life expectancy across the globe,

For the first time in 70 years life expectancy dropped across the globe… falling 1.6 years to 70.1 years old.[9]

Before the big drop, antibiotics were seen as the reason life expectancy soared from 49 years to more than 71 years.[10]

Now, superbugs are gaining the upper hand.[11]

But FendX’s REPELWRAP™ Film could soon be on the very front lines to contribute in the war against deadly germs.

The front line because essentially any surface covered by its ultra-thin wrap rejects more than 98% of the deadly superbugs that come in contact with it.[12]

Not just bacteria, either. FendX’s (FDXTF) breakthrough also sheds the viruses like SARS-CoV-2 virus that ignited the recent pandemic.[13][14]

Long before COVID joined MRSA in spreading death and grief through hospitals and nursing homes, researchers chased new and innovative solutions like the antimicrobial REPELWRAP™ film.

FendX (FDXTF) is poised to deliver.

After The Fact Is Often Too Late

FendX (FDXTF) is positioning itself to bring to market a super thin anti-microbial wrap – REPELWRAP™ film. 

The market, estimated to reach at least $1.3 billion by 2026, presents a significant opportunity for early investors.[15]

In fact, some sources say the global antimicrobial coatings market size was valued at $8.34 billion in 2020 and is forecast to reach up to $20.71 billion by 2028.[16]* Either way, it looks like FendX is entering a multibillion dollar arena,

One that seems to suggest there could be strong demand for FendX’s pioneering nanotech REPELWRAP™ Film.

Perhaps even extra excited demand, for as you’re about to see, REPELWRAP™ film is a novel product… It is distinctly unlike FendX’s highly respected, competitors, such as BASF, and The Kare Lab.

That’s because FendX’s competitors base their antimicrobial wraps on traditional thinking.

They contain nanoparticle metal ions like silver, copper, zinc, or titanium dioxide – each has well-known antimicrobial properties.[17]

They kill bacteria and viruses after they have invaded. After they’ve become established and are in place to potentially deliver their fatal attacks.

And, not to get too deep into the scientific weeds, but nanoparticles based on metals have also been shown to promote some antibiotic resistance.[18]

Once again, the solution can end up enhancing the problem.

The bugs play dirty.

The Awesome Power Of The Lotus Leaf

But FendX Technologies (FDXTF) rejects the superbugs. If they can’t stick, they can’t spread.

Instead of sitting on a doorknob, or hospital bed railing waiting for a traditional metal ion wrap to finally kill deadly bacteria or a virus, REPELWRAP™ film does just what it says.

It repels the bad guys 24 hours a day – stymies them so they don’t get established and spread.[19]

And it’s all thanks to the natural world.

Because super computers and electron microscopes gave researchers entry into Mother Nature’s once mysterious world. 

In this case, the lotus leaf and how its unique surface structure repels water.[20]

The engineers who invented REPELWRAP™ film, Professors Leyla Soleymani and Tohid Didar, put it all down in a paper published in the peer-reviewed journal, ASC Applied Materials & Interfaces.[21]

They Solved The Problem Of Mass Production

Lotus leaves are super repellent… that’s been known for some time.

In fact, the structure of lotus leaves, springtails, and termite wings are a hot trend… desirable as stable antibacterial, self-cleaning, and water-resistant surfaces.[22]

The secret is in the rough structure of their leaves and wings.

Researchers have been able to reproduce the lotus leaf miracle on thin film by etching, electroplating, and spay-on coatings.[23]

But it’s agreed that these methods are too expensive for large scale production due to the complexities of the multistep manufacturing methods and the prohibitive costs of the reagents used in the process.[24]

But Soleymani and Didar solved the problem while working in their lab at McMaster University.

A New Manufacturing Wrinkle

After massive trial and error, Soleymani and Didar came up with a way to coat a thin film with their nanoparticles…

Then, they heated the film so it shrunk…

When it shrunk it gave a surprising result…

A “Eureka” moment…

The film’s tiny, crinkled surface replicated a lotus leaf’s surface…

Essentially nothing sticks to it…

The final result: an engineering problem solved that yielded a formulation that is now in pilot manufacturing runs named REPELWRAP™ film …

Soleymani and Didar beat more than 500 entries to claim top prize in Tech Brief’s 2020 “Create The Future” design contest.[25]

And the media got the story… USA Today, The Independent, CNN, Benzinga,, and…[26]

It Could Be Time To Make A Move Into FendX (FDXTF)* As It Looks Closer To Taking REPELWRAP™ Film Into The Real World

Today, FendX Technologies (FDXTF) looks to be readying REPELWRAP™ film for commercial release.

FendX is running a pilot manufacturing program with Dunmore International, which is a globally recognized film manufacturer.[27]

The news to date has been superb.

Dunmore has confirmed that REPELWRAP™ film’s formulation is suitable for automated manufacturing.[28]

Now, under FendX’s watchful gaze, Dunmore is running additional pilot runs to optimize the process.[29]

A number of pilot runs is normal for this sort manufacturing as each run provides valuable feedback to optimize the manufacturing process.

Once complete, FendX plans to conduct real-world testing within various industries including healthcare, restaurants and entertainment and other venues.

That FendX Technologies (FDXTF) intends to manufacture should be a green light for aggressive tech investors.[30]*

More Green Lights For FendX Investors

The potential market for FendX’s REPELWRAP is vast… in the U.S. the CDC reports that there are least 2.8 million antimicrobial-resistant infections each year and more than 35,000 people die as a result.[31]

Globally, the World Health Organization reported that by the end of 2050, untreatable infections will be the most common cause of death, killing more than 20 million people a year, at a cost of $2.9 trillion.[32]*

And FendX Technologies (FDXTF) looks destined to be an aggressive market disrupter because it does something new… something different… something needed. 

Stymie Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria and Viruses Before It Spreads

FendX’s REPELWRAP™ film is an important antimicrobial advancement because it could be an outstanding first line of defense to reduce bacteria and virus spread on surfaces.

Think of it this way, antibiotics are reactive while REPELWRAP is proactive.

Wrapping a door handle with it, means people won’t carry huge viral or bacterial loads on their hands as they walk through a hospital or nursing home.

Plus, any viral or bacterial load people or staff do bring into a hospital or nursing home could be harmlessly repelled as long as facilities cover high-contact surfaces, like door handles, bed rails, elevator buttons, and potable equipment with REPELWRAP™ film.

And yes, if you’re thinking if “REPELWRAP™ film is so damn good why not cover the world with it.” Then you may want to call you broker and show him this report… do your research early… because you’re exactly right.

FendX’s REPELWRAP™ Film Could Be A Market-Disruptive Product Of A Lifetime Because Its Real-World Applications Look Endless

Cover the world’s surfaces with REPELWRAP™ film.

Just like what’s implied in a headline from a story about REPELWRAP™ film in the Healthcare Packaging newsletter.[33]

Think surfaces on buses, subways, airplanes… airplane bathrooms… public bathrooms… restaurants, schools, arenas, and grocery stores.

The truth is that you can bleach the heck out of your kitchen counter… kill every microbe… and within minutes the counter could be “dirty” with microbes again.

But cover your counter with FendX Technologies’ (FDXTF) REPELWRAP™ film and microbes go homeless.[34]

The Secret Lives Of The Bad Guys, Including COVID

If you want to do something that might scare the wits out of you, before you talk to your broker about FendX Technologies’ (FDXTF), look up a research paper titled, “Persistence of Pathogens on Inanimate Surfaces: A Narrative Review.”[35]

It contains an in-depth chart of how long pathogens can live on different surfaces.

Strong In Repelling COVID-Like Viruses

I loath to write much about the COVID-19 novel coronavirus. The pandemic was/is sad and now, in 2024, much too political.

But in its earliest days, COVID generated some stunning numbers.

These are results that REPELWRAP™ film’s inventors, Soleymani and Didar suggested in a research paper that REPELWRAP™ film might have been able to alter.

That’s because, after testing they found that a REPELWRAP™ film surface rejected coronaviruses for at least 300 touches.[37]

Think if it were available in the U.S. back in March 2020.

Because between March and September 20, 2020, there were 60 million claims for unemployment insurance.[38]

Prior to COVID-19, the greatest number of weekly new unemployment insurance claims was 695,000 in the week of October 2, 1982.[39]

But for 20 weeks, beginning in late March 2020, new unemployment claims exceeded one million per week.[40]

That’s just one hint of the pain the world suffered during the pandemic’s first year.

Pain that could have been lessened were FendX Technologies’ REPELWRAP™ film widely available.

Pandemics, Epidemics, FendX Is Trying To Make Sure They Are Not A Normal Way Of Life

COVID-19 is only one of many infectious diseases that emerged since the turn of this century.

Since 2000, the world has experienced 15 novel Ebola epidemics, the global spread of a 1918-like influenza strain, and major outbreaks of three new and unusually deadly coronavirus infections: SARS, MERS, and COVID-19.[41]

Every year, researchers discover entire new pathogens — viruses, bacteria and microparasites that sicken and kill people. 

Add to this the fact that today nearly everyone lives within a single global disease environment.

As COVID-19 proved, borders and boundaries no longer constrain the spread of distant outbreaks.

And now we can combine these challenges with the rise of new, virulent, and drug-resistant infections.

In short, converging disease and resistant infections prove there is a desperate need for innovative products like FendX Technologies’ (FDXTF) REPELWRAP™ film.

This Could Be FendX Technologies’ Ultimate Disrupter

And while an antimicrobial weapon such as a wrap, REPELWRAP™ film in this case, is one novel way of attacking antibacterial resistant and viral threats…

Imagine if there were a spray-on version of REPELWRAP™ film.[42]

That’s what FendX Technologies is working on now too.

That’s because FendX and REPELWRAP™ film’s inventors are working on a way to spray the lotus leaf’s wrinkled, surface.[43]

Moreover, because it’s spray, FendX could add biocidal gold nanoparticles particles so the spray could repel and kill pathogens.[44] 

Talk about a market disruptor should this spray be commercialized.

From hospitals to commercial settings to the home, the applications would be stunning.

Just imagine a purse- or glove compartment- size spray.

You say you want a revolution… 

FendX Technologies (FDXTF) could be an important addition to the $7 billion surface disinfectant market.[45][46]*

When you talk with your brokers, focus on REPELWRAP™ film, but don’t forget to mention FendX Technologies’ future…

That Future Is but One Of The 9 Reasons To Make A Move Into FendX Technologies (FDXTF)


DISRUPTER – FendX Technologies (FDXTF) is developing something new to the antimicrobial wrap marketplace. Its competitors try to kill pathogens, while FendX’s REPELWRAP™ film aims to keep surfaces clean and deadly pathogens at bay.


HEADLINE MAKER – REPELWRAP™ film is big news. Throughout this report you’ve seen the big-time headlines it’s made in outlets such as CNN, USA Today, and The Independent.


REAL WORLD TESTING – REPELWRAP™ film is poised to enter into real world testing to confirm its ability to repel pathogens at Island View Place Care in British Columbia. Island Care is a high-quality care facility tailored for seniors and those requiring memory care. For me, this is a perfect place to test because senior citizens are vulnerable to pathogen attacks. It will also be tested at other venues including a restaurant and entertainment venues.[47]


THE NEXT MCMASTER IP LICENSEE WINNERFendX Technologies is one of 26 companies that has licensed intellectual property from McMaster University’s. Like FendX, a number are publicly traded. And, Fusion Pharmaceuticals was just acquired by Astra Zeneca for $2.4 billion. McMasters breeds success.[48][49]


TOP MANAGEMENT I — CEO, Dr. Carolyn Myers is an accomplished senior executive with extensive experience leading healthcare businesses. She is also a Principal of BioEnsemble LLC, where she works closely with numerous start-ups and small pharma companies to assist them in developing their business strategy and planning. Her previous executive positions include those as President of Dey Laboratories, President of Mylan Technologies, as well a management at Pharmacia Corp., now a part of Pfizer.[50]


TOP MANAGEMENT II –COO, Andrea Mulder is an accomplished senior commercial healthcare executive with extensive experience launch pharmaceutical and biotechnology corporations. She has significant therapeutic knowledge across multiple areas including infectious disease, immunology, neurology, respiratory and oncology. She’s led global leadership teams at SmithKline, Roche, Johnson and Johnson and Pfizer.


STUNNING OPPORTUNITY – The industry forecast says the global antimicrobial coatings market could have as much as $20.7 billion up for grabs by 2028 – less than four years away.[51]*


WILD CARD – It is rare to find me speculating about a buyout or merger. But, FendX Technologies (FDXTF) and its REPELWRAP™ film, have the potential to disrupt the antimicrobial wrap market.


$$$ REALITYFendX Technologies (FDXTF) is a penny stock, but people are discovering it… shares are up 108% for the year, as I write, on volume that’s under 50,000 shares a day.[52]

FendX Has Potential To Be On The Move[53]*

FendX Technologies (FDXTF) has the tech to be a potential disrupter.

That’s why it makes headlines… those headlines, I imagine, likely send more investors its way…

You can suspect that there are more headlines on the way, possibly driving more investors to check out FendX.

A steadily rising stock price, up 108% so far this year, and a product idling, set to go with a manufacturer could spur those people to action.[54]

So, I urge you to do your homework on FendX Technologies (FDXTF).

But before you do, make sure to show your investment advisor or broker a copy of this report.

I think you’ll both agree that FendX Technologies (FDXTF) could have the special potential to be one of technology’s biggest 2024/25 winners.

The germs are trying to take over – FendX Technologies (FDXTF) plans to be standing in their way.

– Mike Casson |

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