The Inherent Value Of Gold Ensures This Precious Metal Will Retain Its Value

There is a common misconception that gold has minimal, if any, practical uses.  Though most people are aware that gold is used in jewelry, the average person does not know what else this precious metal is used for.  In short, gold has value not only as a result of its scarcity and natural beauty but also because it serves numerous practical purposes.  Let’s take a quick look at gold’s utility in the context of business and life.

Gold is Used in Computers and Electronics

Most people are unaware of the fact that gold is used in computers.  In fact, gold is used in several parts of the average laptop or desktop computer.  Gold is  rigid and hard yet the little-known truth is it can be pulled and stretched similar to string.  The malleability of gold ensures it can transform into new shapes for use in diminutive computing and electronic devices. 

Furthermore, newly-shaped gold alloys with stable metals for myriad uses.  Add in the fact that gold is a fantastic conductor of electricity that cannot be tarnished and the precious metal has even more value for electronic and computing devices. Aside from computers, GPS devices, TVs and numerous other electronic devices contain gold.  This widespread use is a testament to gold’s inherent value and practicality.

Gold’s Use in the Medical Industry

Gold is even used in the medical industry.  As an example, consider the fact that gold flakes are used to “tag” the radioactive isotopes within patients’ bodies. Dentists have relied on gold for fillings throughout history. Gold is also used in bridges, crowns and additional orthodontic appliances as it is ductile, chemically passive and can be easily mixed with other metals. 

Furthermore, gold is non-allergic and can be inserted with ease. Gold is also used to help treat arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.  In fact, gold’s resistance to bacteria makes it perfect for use in bodily implants where there is the potential for infection.

Gold Will Always be Valued for Its Inherent Beauty

Gold is used in jewelry of varying types as well as medals and other items designed to catch the eye of onlookers.  Just about everyone agrees gold has inherent beauty.  This beauty has been recognized for millennia.  Gold’s magnificence will likely continue to be revered in the millennia to come.  Gold is almost certain to be used in rings, necklaces and other jewelry far into the future.

Gold is Even Used in Phones

Modern day phones are essential to a high quality of life.  The average person uses his or her phone for everything from communication to searching the web, getting directions, trading stocks and snapping pictures to show off on social media.  However, most people are not aware of the fact that the average phone has upwards of 50 mg of gold.  Though 50 mg is not a substantial amount, once you add up the number of phones across the world and multiply that number by 50 mg, the resulting figure is quite substantial.  Gold will likely continue to be used in phones and other electronic devices years, decades or possibly even centuries into the future.