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COUNTDOWN: Lithium Shortage Set To Strike In 24 Months, Sparking A Global War For Supply

Elon Musk Pleads for More Nickel Mines as Electric Vehicle Demand Rises[1]

Nickel plays a crucial role in the transition to clean energy. An average-size EV battery requires about 77 pounds of the silvery-white metal.[2] Unfortunately, the U.S. has only one operating nickel mine right now.[3]

However, this opens up new North American possibilities. According to Sprott Asset Management, “the energy transition at the heart of EV adoption could also provide attractive investment opportunities for nickel and the companies that discover and extract it.”[4]*

  • Nickel demand for use in EVs and energy storage is projected to grow 20-40X by 2040.[5] This makes nickel one of the most sought-after energy minerals.
  • In addition, nickel is used throughout the entire spectrum of clean energy technologies: geothermal, hydrogen, hydro, wind, solar power, and nuclear.[6]
  • As a matter of national security and defense, the U.S. must reduce its reliance on Russia, one of the biggest nickel producers in the world – and still a key supplier of nickel to America.[7]
  • The White House has formally endorsed mining-friendly Canada as a valued ally when it comes to developing a strong and secure supply chain for critical minerals used in electric vehicles and other clean energy technologies.[8]
  • Canadian mining company GAMA Explorations (GMMAF) plans to explore and develop under-explored base metal projects with significant upside potential. This includes a sweet spot of new North American nickel discoveries.[9] If you want the chance to profit from the transition to clean energy, GAMA deserves your attention.*
By James Hyerczyk
James Hyerczyk is a Florida-based technical analyst, market researcher, educator and trader. James began his career in Chicago in 1982 as a futures market analyst for floor traders at the Chicago Board of Trade, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and numerous brokerage firms. He has been providing quality analysis for professional traders for 40 years.

I don’t know about you, but for most of my life, the only nickel I noticed was part of the spare change in my pocket.

But recently, I discovered that the silvery-white “coin metal” called nickel is a valuable key component in the batteries that power electric vehicles.

In fact, an average-size EV battery contains around 77 pounds of nickel.[10]

Unfortunately, we’ve got a big problem, with only one operating nickel mine in the United States today – a Michigan mine that’s slated to close around 2026.[11]

It’s no wonder that Elon Musk has pleaded with miners to invest in increased production of nickel[12], which he urgently needs for those Teslas.

Of course, as patriotic Americans, we’d like to see metals like nickel mined right here in the U.S. of A.

After all, ensuring a reliable supply chain of critical minerals such as nickel, copper, lithium, and others has been deemed a national security imperative.[13]

We must reduce our reliance on adversarial nations such as Russia and China for these minerals.[14]

A bit of progress is being made, with one nickel mine in Minnesota planned for development under a program to strengthen domestic supply chains for critical minerals.[15]

However, experts warn that this Minnesota mine probably won’t end U.S. reliance on foreign countries for electric vehicle batteries any time soon — or maybe ever.[16]

Huge nickel discoveries are hard to come by[17]

Commodity expert Alex Laugharne notes that it makes more sense to think about keeping nickel mining and production within North America, rather than just within the U.S.[18]

The Biden administration agrees.

The U.S. government is looking to Canadian mining and metals companies for help, as the new climate law sends American automakers scrambling to find new sources of raw materials for EV production.[19]

That’s why I’m urging you to look into this up-and-coming Canadian mining company I’m eager to share with you today.

GAMA Explorations (GMMAF) is a mineral exploration company engaged in creating shareholder value as it acquires, explores, and develops a portfolio of under-explored base metal projects with significant upside potential. And this includes a sweet spot of new North American nickel discoveries.[20]

No Nickel – No Clean Energy Future

Nickel has some outstanding physical and chemical properties that make it ideal for use in hundreds of thousands of products.

Its biggest use is in producing alloys, combining with other metals such as chromium to produce stainless and heat-resisting steels.[21]

When used in stainless steel, nickel provides toughness, strength and enhanced corrosion resistance. This significantly increases the end product’s life and leads to lower maintenance costs.[22]

But here’s where this humble metal really shines…

Nickel plays a critical role in the energy transition needed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.[23]

That’s because it’s a vital part of the batteries used in both electric vehicles and energy storage systems.

When it comes to EV batteries, nickel typically makes up around 80% of the cathodes in commonly used lithium-ion batteries.[24]

[graphic source[25]]

Research has shown that adding more nickel to EV batteries helps increase their energy density and boost their drivable range.[26]

And here’s what got my attention…

The nickel demand for use in EVs and energy storage alone is so high, it’s expected to increase 20-40X by 2040, compared to 2020 levels.[27]

Beyond batteries and energy storage, however, the properties of nickel make it a vital part of the entire spectrum of clean energy technologies.

This includes geothermal, hydrogen, hydro, wind, solar power, and nuclear technologies.[28]

So it’s true to say that, without nickel, there would be no clean energy future. This makes nickel one of the most sought-after minerals in the transition to renewable energy.

Nickel Among the Top Minerals That Support National Defense[29]

I wouldn’t be doing my job if I failed to mention how essential nickel is to national security – and how it helps keep troops safe.[30]

The Department of Defense advises that nickel is an essential mineral for producing high-temperature aerospace alloys and stainless steel.[31]

Nickel alloys are widely used in the defense and aerospace industries to make critical jet engine parts because of properties such as corrosion protection, hardness, and erosion resistance.[32]

Nickel is needed for armor plating in tanks and anti-aircraft firearms. The metal’s toughness also makes it ideal for body armor, as it can withstand harsh impacts.[33]

And don’t forget those nickel-containing batteries. U.S. soldiers on patrol typically carry almost 20 pounds of batteries.[34]

However, if you’re anything like me, you may be shocked to see where we’re getting our nickel from.

China dominates critical mineral supply chains globally[35], so this particular geopolitical foe is usually a good guess.

And the U.S. did import nearly $78 million worth of nickel from China in 2022.[36]

But China ranks #1 for global consumption of nickel, so its external dependence is very high.[37] In essence, we are competing with China for our own nickel sources.

Russia, Russia, Russia

Honestly, it threw me for a loop to find out that Russia is a key supplier of nickel to the United States.[38]

Russia’s Norilsk Nickel is one of the biggest producers in the world. It’s so large, no country has dared to sanction it – despite Russia’s attack on our ally, Ukraine.[39]

With the war continuing to rage in Ukraine, you can see how obtaining critical minerals like nickel has become a national security issue.

And that’s not all…

While there’s no quick way to transition from oil to renewable energy, experts tell us that Russia’s war on Ukraine has further accelerated the shift to electric vehicles.

We can see the writing on the wall… We’re moving away from fossil fuels faster than ever before.[40]

Nobody is coming to take away your gas-powered car…

But nine U.S. states[41] and Canada[42] already have plans to stop selling more of them by around 2035.

As Elon Musk predicted back in 2015: “We are going to exit the fossil fuel era. It is inevitable.”[43]


According to Goldman Sachs Research, EVs will make up about 50% of new car sales worldwide by 2035.[45]

I consider this to be another good reason why you should put GAMA Explorations (GMMAF) on your investing radar screen today.*

The U.S. Looks to Canada as a Strategic Ally

Advocates for a strong and secure American supply chain for electric vehicles consider Canada a valued ally in President Biden’s climate strategy.[46]

The truth is, the U.S. may not even have the geologic potential to make EV batteries.

Geologic studies have yet to confirm economic mineral reserves anywhere in the U.S. for metals such as nickel with adequate quantities or grades that could meet the demands of a lower-carbon future.[47]

Fortunately, Canada is a premier mining jurisdiction. The nation is actually one of the most mining-friendly countries in the world.[48]

What’s more, Canada still holds a wealth of untapped mineral potential – and a government that is investing significant time and money into its development.[49]

A 2022 report released by the White House calls Canada a “domestic source” under existing agreements, providing “potential opportunities for collaboration” under the Defense Production Act.[50]

“Canada is a preferred partner of the United States with critical mineral resources and expertise…further strengthening North American supply chains,” the report noted.[51]

This is all good news for GAMA Explorations (GMMAF).

Québec Known for Energy Metals

GAMA Explorations (GMMAF) holds a diverse portfolio of projects in several Canadian provinces, including Northwest Territories and British Columbia. 

However, their current priority is their Tyee Ni-Cu (Nickel-Copper) Project in Québec – a key, low-risk jurisdiction to provide the minerals of the future.

The Canadian province of Québec holds tremendous potential for mineral exploration and development. The mining-friendly province hosts a variety of minerals important to the green economy, including nickel, copper, lithium, and many others.[52]

More specifically, Québec aims to be a key location for the battery industry in North America, using clean energy and adhering to strict environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria.[53]

The Tyee Ni-Cu Project – Located in Canada’s Newest “Nickel Belt”[54]

GAMA Explorations (GMMAF) owns 100% of the Tyee Ni-Cu Massive Sulphide Project, located in Canada’s newest nickel belt on the north shore of Quebec.[55]

The Project is 80 miles north of Havre St. Pierre (HSP) and 7.5 miles from the Romaine IV hydroelectric power facility and service roads.

Mining giant Rio Tinto has a titanium iron mine due south, with an ore-shipping railway directly to Havre St. Pierre.[56]

Having significant infrastructure already in place is something I see as a way to help decrease capital expenditure and reduce the project’s overall risk – an important factor for shareholders.

What’s more, the Tyee Ni-Cu Project is adjacent to and east of Go Metal’s recent exciting HSP Ni-Cu discovery.

GAMA’s current CEO, Dr. Jacob Verbaas, found and staked the HSP project during his former tenure as VP of Exploration with Go Metals, so he is familiar with this geology.[57]

[image source[58]]

Land holdings for the Tyee Project are massive – as you can see in the map above. They’ve been increased to 154,000 acres through a combination of staking and acquisition.

The Tyee Project’s claims cover the Havre St. Pierre anorthosite complex, which contains known nickel, copper and platinum group element (PGE) occurrences[59] as well as a nearby operating titanium mine owned by Rio Tinto.

Occurrences have been found 12.4 miles to the west of the Tyee Project in an area with geophysical and lithological similarity.[60]

GAMA Explorations’ (GMMAF) seeks to identify massive sulphide Ni-Cu mineralization  occurrences on trend with those discovered at Go Metal’s HSP project.

Of course, it’s important to understand that mineralization in areas outside of GAMA’s tenure is not indicative of mineralization within GAMA’s tenure.[61]

But based on results of a recent SkyTEM geophysical survey, targets for nickel and copper mineralization at the Tyee project have been assessed and prioritized for immediate exploration work.[62]

Targets are to be assessed and validated using ground geophysical tools and samples measured using a portable XRF (an analytical technique) to confirm if nickel and copper are present. GAMA intends to drill these targets as quickly as possibledepending on factors such as permitting, weather conditions and geology.[63][64]

To aid the exploration on the Tyee and HSP projects, GAMA Explorations (GMMAF) has entered into a data-sharing agreement with Go Metals. GAMA has retained Go Metals to use GeoDL, a deep learning application designed to enhance a variety of map sets including lineament, bedrock, outcrop, and prospectivity.[65]

Don’t Forget About Copper

As you’ve seen, GAMA’s (GMMAF) Tyee property is a nickel and copper project.

Copper is one of the world’s most traded commodities.[66] So much so, the commodities market considers copper to be an economic bellwether. But it’s also another critical component in the push toward renewable energy and electric vehicles.[67]

In fact, the transition from the internal combustion engine (ICE) to electric vehicles could only be possible with sufficient copper.[68]

“I might be copper’s #1 fan. With larger copper mines coming to the end
of their mine life, we not only need to replace them with new copper discoveries, but we need even more copper for the green energy transition. That’s why I believe copper should be in the portfolio of any battery metals company.”[69]

– Dr. Jacob Verbaas, GAMA CEO

Copper is used in electric motors, batteries, inverters, and wiring because of the many properties it possesses: durability, pliability, reliability, and electrical conductivity.[70]

Plus, EVs use up to nearly 4X more copper than ICE-powered vehicles.[71] 

While a typical ICE-powered vehicle uses around 48 pounds of copper, hybrid vehicles use around 88 pounds of the metal. Plug-in hybrids use around 132 pounds, and battery electric vehicles use around 183 pounds of copper.[72]

[image source[73]]

In addition, copper is also an essential part of the infrastructure necessary to support EV charging.[74]

According to Wood Mackenzie, the electric vehicle sector will need 250% more copper by 2030 — just to handle the 20 million expected EV charging stations.[75]

Overall, the demand for copper is expected to double — from 25 million metric tons in 2020 to 50 million metric tons in 2050, driven by EVs, wind turbines, photovoltaic panels, and other critical decarbonization technologies.[76]

The Tyee Ni-Cu Massive Sulphide Project makes me excited about the blue-sky potential for GAMA Explorations (GMMAF).*

But that’s not all…

Strategic Portfolio of Canadian Projects – Including Lithium

GAMA Explorations (GMMAF) also has the right to acquire 100% interest in the Muskox Lithium Project. This 19 square mile land package is located 28 miles east of Yellowknife in the Yellowknife Pegmatite Province in the Northwest Territories.[77]

The property is located less than 2 miles south of mineral exploration company Li-FT Power’s mineral leases[78], where drilling has intersected significant intervals of spodumene pegmatite mineralization.[79]

GAMA’s Muskox Lithium Project contains a 700+ meter long lithium bearing spodumene pegmatite, is easily accessible via an all season highway, and is prospective for further discovery.[80]


What’s more, a large portion of the land package still remains under-explored.[82]

Why Lithium Matters

Just as with other minerals, the mass adoption of electric vehicles has accelerated our need for lithium, a critical battery component.

Already, lithium demand for EV batteries is growing at twice the rate of lithium production.[83]

When it comes to the military, lithium batteries are found in nearly every U.S. weapon system, including radios, thermal imagers, and other portable devices.[84]

Unfortunately, the U.S. hosts only one large-scale lithium mine today.[85] This makes us vulnerable to geopolitical rivals such as China, the nation controlling 80% of the global lithium market.[86]

That’s why new sources of lithium (and other minerals such as nickel and copper) are desperately needed to make the transition to renewable energy – and, of course, to maintain our military readiness.

As you’ve read here today, GAMA Explorations (GMMAF) is a mineral exploration company focused on the acquisition, exploration and advancement of high-quality prospective mining projects.[87] GAMA targets Canadian battery metal projects to help meet the demand for a clean energy future.

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9 Reasons Why I Believe GAMA Explorations (GMMAF) Could Be One of the Best Resource Plays of the Year

The junior mining exploration and development company GAMA Explorations (GMMAF) is well worth your consideration, and here are some major reasons why:

Lock In Your Position With GAMA Explorations (GMMAF) Today

Whether we like it or not, the transition to renewable energy is happening – and  GAMA Explorations (GMMAF) has set a clear path forward for itself.

GAMA’s plan is to explore and develop its current mineral assets, and acquire over-looked but technically sound exploration resource projects with big blue sky potential.[101]

If you wish to have an opportunity to be among the early bird big winners in the coming clean energy revolution*, you should show this report to your investment advisor or broker immediately.

Of course, while investing in a junior mining company has a potential for higher rewards than other larger mining operations, it also comes with higher risk. And, of course, past performance is no guarantee of future results.*

I am not an investment advisor. But my rule and caution to all my readers is never invest more than you can afford to lose. And do not chase losses. If prices slide, it’s important to resist the temptation to “average down.”*

And to minimize your risk, any investment you might make in GAMA should be part of a wider asset allocation strategy in your portfolio.

Regardless, I believe my analysis of the potentially huge reward of GAMA Explorations (GMMAF) is a good one.*

I wish you much success in all your investments.

– James Hyerczyk |

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