Alert: The Hidden Challenge Threatening U.S. Tech

Dear Investor,

The United States faces a growing challenge from the other side of the globe, but it’s probably not what you think.

In fact, most Americans haven’t heard of REEs (rare earth elements) …but they soon will.

REEs are essential to semiconductor production and are the building blocks of modern technology. Our reliance on foreign sources for these elements is a vulnerability that is slowly being exposed.

China accounted for 70% of global mine production of rare earth elements in 2022.

Without developing our own N. American sources, we are at the mercy of international markets and geopolitical tensions.

No rare earth elements = no semiconductor chips.

The good news is companies are stepping up to fix this gap in the N. American REE supply chain. Their mission is not only commercially viable, but may also prove crucial for national security and technological independence.

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