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Investors... If Gold Isn’t Calling Your Name Right Now, Perhaps You’re Not Listening…

With gold considered “the most useful metal,”[1] high demand creates constant pressure on the mining industry for new discoveries and increased production.

James Hyerczyk is a Florida-based technical analyst, market researcher, educator and trader. James began his career in Chicago in 1982 as a futures market analyst for floor traders at the Chicago Board of Trade, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and numerous brokerage firms. He has been providing quality analysis for professional traders for over 40 years.

  • Experts recommend* investing in gold as a way of diversifying risk, creating a hedge against inflation, and currency devaluation – and providing a safe haven during times of geopolitical uncertainty.

  • Gold royalty and streaming stocks provide a unique investment alternative. They provide critical financing to mining companies in exchange for either a portion of the revenue or actual gold production. 

  • Royalty and streaming companies have advantages over traditional miners, including limited operational risks, lower overhead, and the ability to sell their rights and royalties at any time.[2] 

  • With increasing calls to develop gold resources – and gold predicted to climb to all-time highs[3] – I’m excited about an up-and-coming gold royalty and streaming company focused on Nevada, the epicenter of American gold production. 

  • Become familiar with Nevada Canyon Gold (NGLD) now. Its hybrid royalty and streaming business model offers investors commodity price leverage and exploration upside – with a much lower risk profile than a typical mining company*.
By James Hyerczyk

You’re probably familiar with the classic “rule of thumb” about gold – allocating 5-10% of your investment portfolio to gold for purposes of diversification.

It’s a sound strategy* that even billionaire investors follow, especially during uncertain times like we’re facing today.[4]

Ray Dalio founded the world’s biggest hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates. And when questioned during an interview, the billionaire approved of this investment approach.[5]

Dalio once said, “If you don’t own gold, you know neither history nor economics.”[6]

Some financial experts believe that having 10-15% of gold in your portfolio is an even better allocation.[7]*

Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris aims higher still, allocating 20-30% of his own portfolio to gold.[8]

Regardless of the specific percentage, investors typically view gold as a store of value, a “safe haven” that can help serve as a buffer against stock market volatility and times of geopolitical uncertainty.

Gold has historically* acted as a hedge against inflation, rising in value when the U.S. dollar weakens and purchasing power wanes.

Graphic Source: Visual Capitalist[9]

And speaking of a weak dollar…

The U.S. dollar’s purchasing power declined 7.4% between 2021 and 2022 because of inflation.[10]

In July 2023, CNN Business reported that the dollar’s decline was gaining speed as investors pared back their interest rate expectations.[11]

In August 2023, Forbes warned about the New York Fed recession probability indicator showing a 66% chance of a U.S. recession during the next 12 months.[12]

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell admitted on August 25, 2023 that inflation remains too high.[13]

With all the economic uncertainty, it’s no wonder that some experts predict that gold prices are on track to hit another record high.[14] [15]

Morgan Stanley recently reported that this could be gold’s time to shine, advising that “now may be a good time to add it to your portfolio.”[16]

The investing public is catching on… 

Americans now consider gold a better long-term investment than stocks for the first time since 2013, according to a recent Gallup survey.[17]

But What Type of Gold Investment?

In a moment, I’ll share details about a company I’m following, called Nevada Canyon Gold (NGLD). I’m impressed with their unique strategy for investing in gold that holds explosive growth similar in potential to a junior gold stock, with less risk exposure.*

But first, it’s important to understand the various types of gold investments.

When considering gold, many investors automatically think about gold bullion, the physical metal itself that comes in gold bars and coins.

However, TD Ameritrade calls physical gold the “…most inefficient way to own gold.”[18]

While it can be comforting to own a tangible asset, accumulating significant physical gold has downsides. Among them are storage costs and insuring against the risk of loss or theft.

Other investors opt for gold ETFs, which invest either in physical gold or in the stock of gold mining companies.[19]

These funds do have the advantage of diversification, but returns may not be as high as owning a high-yielding stock or group of stocks.[20]

Gold futures and options contracts are available, but they can be complicated and extremely risky for investors who don’t have a deep understanding of the derivatives markets.[21]

And of course, there are also gold mining companies to invest in.

Some investors cross their fingers and hope for a moonshot with speculative junior miners. Others choose major miners, established companies mining on proven and sustainable claims.

The simple theory behind buying mining stocks is that, as the price of gold goes up, company profit margins go up as well, which investors hope is reflected in their stock prices.

But the price of gold is only one element of the underlying value of these mining companies.

Other factors can also affect the profitability of individual mining firms, including geopolitical uncertainty, climbing energy and labor costs, and corporate governance.[22]

No matter the pros and cons, the world’s demand for stable and secure investments are insatiable; creating a constant need for new gold discoveries and production.*

Fortunately, there’s an alternative approach to investing in the precious yellow metal – and few investors even know about it. 

I’m talking about gold royalty and streaming companies – like publicly-traded Nevada Canyon Gold (NGLD).

This emerging natural resource company does not face the same risk factors* and large operating overhead as a conventional mining company, which include the price of the precious metal (gold), the price of oil or fuel, and other operating costs that impact profitability.[23]

If you’re not familiar with royalties and streaming, here are some basic facts about this frequently overlooked way of investing in gold…

Offers Much-Needed Capital to the Mining Industry

While royalty and streaming companies are less well-known than other gold investments, they create value for their investors by providing funding for mining companies.[24]

  • In a royalty agreement, the mining company pays the royalty holder a percentage of the value of production or the operating profit of the mine — for the life of the mine.
  • In a streaming agreement, the mining company delivers to the stream holder a percentage of metals produced by the mining company in return for capital provided by the streaming company.

While mining companies take responsibility for the mining and exploration work, royalty and streaming companies reap the benefit from the mine’s revenue or production.[25]

There are a number of reasons[26] why streaming and royalty agreements are attractive financing options for mining companies. 

Building a mine is very capital-intensive. If a mining company finances mine construction by issuing shares (a very common practice), those shares would suffer substantial dilution. In addition, even if a mining company could raise mine-building funds via debt, that debt would need to be repaid.

A streaming arrangement eliminates this issue of share dilution and repaying millions of borrowed dollars, which could become very difficult if the mine is not quickly profitable.

Royalty and streaming becomes quite appealing when a company needs capital for purposes like funding growth projects, engaging in mergers and acquisitions, or further reducing its debt load.

Since the inception of the mining royalty sector in the 1980’s and the streaming sector in the 2000’s, these alternative forms of financing have grown from $2 billion in 2010 to over $15 billion in 2019.[27]

This increase in popularity springs from an environment in which raising capital in the mining sector has been challenging within both the public debt and public equity markets.

It not only helps explain why overall interest in alternative financing in the mining sector has grown…

But it also explains why the timing could not be better for a company such as Nevada Canyon Gold (NGLD).

A Sound Model for Success

Nevada Canyon Gold (NGLD) does not intend to compete with larger, more established royalty and streaming companies. Instead, NGLD intends to become a source of royalty and streaming packages for them.

Nevada Canyon Gold’s (NGLD) strategy is to acquire royalty and streaming contracts on smaller producing properties, pre-production, or pre-resource properties. They then combine them into a larger consolidated package, which they plan to sell to a more established producer.

The much higher valuation as a package versus individual small royalties can create potential for a higher profit margin in the process.

And with the way royalty and streaming contracts are typically structured, when there is expansion of the resource base, investors gain exposure to the increase in asset value.[28]

The royalty value on pre-production and fully permitted properties typically increases by 2-3 times once mine production financing is secured.[29]

Another important detail about royalty and streaming companies is that they tend to have stable and predictable costs that are lower than those of mining companies. Their administrative costs are usually minimal due to their smaller staffing requirements.[30]

In fact, Nevada Canyon Gold (NGLD) has no employees or payroll commitments and an incredibly limited overhead. In fact, NGLD’s 2 main principles effectively manage the company, allowing their cost to operate to be just pennies compared to the giants.

For example, the gold mining behemoth Barrick Gold has a $27.9 billion market cap and 23,000 employees.[31]

Now consider the gold-focused royalty and streaming company Franco-Nevada…

This giant in the industry has a market cap of $26.6 billion, similar to that of Barrick Gold. But Franco-Nevada has only 45 employees![32]

Nevada Canyon Gold’s (NGLD) business plan sets it apart as a kind of hybrid royalty and streaming company.

Hybrid Model Focuses on Early-Stage
“Exploration Accelerator” Projects

In addition to the traditional duo of royalty and streaming deals, the 3rd hub in Nevada Canyon Gold’s (NGLD) business model is what the company calls its “Exploration Accelerator” projects.

To me, these look like royalty deals on steroids!

Graphic Source[33]

The company locates undervalued or distressed mineral exploration properties and provides investment capital, along with their geological and engineering expertise. They add even more value to the projects by increasing the geological potential of the properties.[34]

The end goal is to sell the accelerator property to other mining companies for a premium return without all the large Cap-Ex expenditures.[35]

Nevada Canyon Gold (NGLD) expects to recover their costs, retain shares in the purchaser’s company, and create and retain a royalty in the property. Because it does not participate in the actual mining, NGLD avoids the high costs, time, and risks of putting a mine into production.*    

Currently, Nevada Canyon Gold (NGLD) holds royalty interests, secured by mineral rights, in four Accelerator Properties.[36] And given the company’s name, it’s not surprising that three of them are in Nevada.

Nevada – The #1 Gold-Producing State

Graphic Source[37]

Nevada is continuously rated one of the best places to explore and mine gold throughout the world. In fact, Nevada produces more gold than any other state.[38]

That’s why Nevada Canyon Gold (NGLD) focuses its primary efforts there, notably near the world-famous Carlin Trend.

The Carlin Trend is a prolific gold-producing area. This geologic region encompasses 190 square miles, and ranks as the world’s second-largest gold concentration.  [39]

These unique deposits have an endowment of 255 million ounces of gold from past production and current reserves and resources.[40]

Some analysts believe that the unexplored area still contains over 200 million ounces of gold![41]

I think you can see why Nevada Canyon Gold (NGLD) has added the following Carlin Trend property to its Accelerator Project portfolio. 

Accelerator Property #1: The Swales Project

Nevada Canyon Gold’s (NGLD) Swales property consists of 40 unpatented mining claims (800 acres) within the Carlin Trend.[42]

The property was historically held by private interests. With minimal modern-day exploration, the Swales property remains underexplored. Showing geologic promise, the property is underlain by the ideal host rocks for a Carlin-type gold deposit.[43]

The Swales Project is situated within 13 miles of two of the Carlin Trend’s most prolific producing mines, Nevada Gold Mine’s Gold Quarry Mine and Goldstrike Mine.[44]

But there’s much more to the Nevada focus for Nevada Canyon Gold (NGLD).

Recent geological findings and historical evidence have also focused attention on the Walker Lane Trend Zone, a 60-mile wide structural corridor located west of the Carlin Trend.

This area is famous for the Comstock Lode, with its silver discovery that made Nevada an internationally famous precious metal hub in the 1850’s.

Image Source[45]

Geological studies currently point to substantial untapped gold, silver, and other metal resources in the Walker Lane Trend, with the potential to set new production records in Nevada.[46]

This is promising news for Nevada Canyon Gold (NGLD) as it builds its diversified portfolio of mineral rights and royalty interests in the United States. 

NGLD now holds royalty interests, secured by mineral rights, in two Accelerator Properties in the Walker Lane zone.

Accelerator Property #2: The Loman Project

This property consists of 30 claims (600 acres) in the Walker Lane Trend, which you’ve seen is one of Nevada’s historical highest-grade mining districts. The Loman Property is located in close proximity to several past-producing mines, including the Pamlico Gold Project. This speaks well for its potential.[47]

Because the property has been in private hands for most of its history, it remains significantly underexplored — with exceptional potential for new discoveries on several exploration targets within multiple zones.

Accelerator Property #3: The Agai-Pah Project

Also located within Nevada’s prolific Walker Lane Trend, the Agai-Pah property consists of 20 unpatented mining claims (400 acres).[48]

With numerous historical workings, the property has a small-scale, high-grade production history of gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc, barium, and barite.[49]

Having been held by private interests for most of its history, the Agai-Pah property still remains very underexplored.

Bringing to bear modern-day exploration technologies on this site could quickly open this project to significant new gold and other mineral findings.

Continuing its goal of diversification in geopolitically safe operating jurisdictions, Nevada Canyon Gold’s (NGLD) fourth Accelerator Property is located in the state of Idaho.

Accelerator Property #4: The Belshazzar Project

This property consists of 10 unpatented mineral claims and 7 placer mineral claims (200 acres) in Idaho’s Quartzburg mining district, not far from Boise. This area has produced over 2.8 million troy ounces of gold from placer and lode mines.[50]

Hosting the past producing Belshazzar mine, the property has approximately 3,000 feet of previously completed underground workings.[51]

From operations dating back to 1914, several high grade specimen rocks have been reported, including a nugget yielding 12 ounces in gold equivalent.[52]

Some of the recovered ore was so rich in gold density that miners simply shipped unprocessed ore rather than milling and refining, leaving scant records of what was actually produced.[53]

In recent years, a metal detector search of a waste rock dump revealed stunning discoveries in that discarded rock. The search produced hundreds of wire gold specimens, ranging from microscopic size to over 20 troy ounces.[54]

This is another property that has been privately held and still remains relatively undeveloped with no known modern day exploration (in particular, drilling), with exceptional potential for new discoveries on several exploration targets with multiple zones.

In addition to the Accelerator Projects, Nevada Canyon Gold (NGLD) is building a royalty portfolio of other properties[55]

  • Palmetto Project – The company has secured a 2% net smelter returns (NSR) royalty on this 2,217 acre property within the Walker Lane Gold Trend.[56]

  • Olinghouse Project – The company has signed an Option to Purchase agreement to acquire 1% NSR royalty on this property near Reno, Nevada.[57]

  • Management has identified up to ten potential additional royalty acquisitions within Nevada.[58]

Of course, the success of a royalty and streaming company depends on its ability to negotiate favorable agreements with mining partners. That makes the quality of management and their deal-making skills crucial factors in the company’s performance. 

A Stellar Management Team With the Right Connections


Nevada Canyon Gold (NGLD) has a strong team supporting its efforts[60], notably led by Alan R. Day, the President, CEO, and Director. With over 30 years’ experience in precious metals exploration and mining, Mr. Day's background includes key land, man and acquisition roles acting as a consultant/advisor to major companies like Newmont Mining, Barrick Gold, and Anglo American, all active in the Carlin Trend and within Nevada. His extensive industry connections make him an invaluable resource when it comes to sales and decision-making.


Also leading acquisition efforts is Director and former Governor of Nevada, Robert List. With deep roots in Nevada politics and power, Governor List boasts strong connections in Nevada's mining industry, and has a reputation for a boots-on-the-ground, get-it-done mindset. This serves him well in making the contacts that can bring new projects to the Company’s asset portfolio, both for buying and selling.


On the financial side, Jeffrey A. Cocks, Chairman and Director, brings significant venture capital experience. He has a track record of founding and aiding publicly traded companies, particularly in natural resources and mineral exploration.


Ryan McMillan, Vice President of Operations, has most recently served as a private consultant advising business in structuring, corporate mergers, acquisitions, finance, restructuring, recapitalization, creating exit strategies, primarily utilizing traditional IPO’s and Alternative Public Offerings.

Using its exclusive knowledge and connections, Nevada Canyon Gold (NGLD) enjoys privileged access to opportunities, providing the company with a unique edge. This enables them to identify and secure mineral rights at significantly discounted prices compared to their potential upside future worth.* 

“We concentrate on buying the right properties with the right gold resources, properties that can withstand a downturn in the mining industry. A recession becomes a buying opportunity for us. Even in a declining market, the value of assets doesn’t really decline. So we expect to do well and grow whether times are good or bad.”*

– Alan R. Day, President, CEO, and Director of Nevada Canyon Gold (NGLD)

12 Reasons Why Nevada Canyon Gold (NGLD) Could Be the Best Gold Resource Play of the Coming Year*

My research tells me that NGLD is worthy of your consideration. Here are some key reasons why I believe this early-entry company will soon be attracting more attention from savvy investors:
Chart Source[64]
BOTTOM LINE: I believe Nevada Canyon Gold (NGLD) is currently well-positioned to become a key part of America’s gold supply chain by providing vital funding for the mining industry. A chorus of analysts are predicting that gold prices will continue to climb – potentially to record highs.[76][77] How will you play the gold trend?


If you don’t have your gold allocation yet, now’s the time to take action by showing this report to your investment advisor or broker immediately. 

Nevada Canyon Gold (NGLD) is a uniquely structured natural resource company focused on gold royalties, streaming, and exploration acceleration.

Mineral rights and royalties the company acquires from accumulating a diverse portfolio of properties could provide exceptional opportunity for growth in NGLD shareholder value.*

Getting in front of this now could be a highly rewarding decision.* It’s an ideal time to consider an early entry into a strongly growth-oriented venture.

While investing in their company has a potential for higher rewards than traditional gold mining operations, there is always risk. And, of course, past performance is no guarantee of future results.*

I am not an investment advisor. But the “rules” I go by are these:

  • I never invest more than I can afford to lose.

  • I do not chase losses. If prices slide, it’s important to resist the temptation to “average down.”*

  • I don’t put all my dreams on a single stock. Instead, I make it part of a wider asset allocation strategy in my portfolio.

Regardless, I believe my analysis of the potentially huge reward of Nevada Canyon Gold (NGLD) is a good one.*

I wish you much success in all your investments.

– James Hyerczyk |

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12 Reasons Why Nevada Canyon Gold (NGLD) Could Be the Best Gold Resource Play of the Coming Year*

My research tells me that NGLD is worthy of your consideration. Here are some key reasons why I believe this early-entry company will soon be attracting more attention from savvy investors:
Chart Source[64]
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