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Why The Coming AI Revolution Could Trigger Worldwide Panic Buying Of This One Key Element

Revealed in this article: Why some experts believe one U.S.-based company is uniquely positioned to capitalize from the AI revolution. Company name and ticker symbol revealed below…
By James Hyerczyk
James Hyerczyk is a Florida-based technical analyst, market researcher, educator and trader. James began his career in Chicago in 1982 as a futures market analyst for floor traders at the Chicago Board of Trade, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and numerous brokerage firms. He has been providing quality analysis for professional traders for over 40 years.

In 2011, legendary investor and co-founder of Netscape Marc Andreessen famously wrote, “Software is eating the world.” [1]

The mainstream media mocked him at the time. After all, back in 2011, the stock market’s leading companies weren’t the tech powerhouses of today.

But clearly, he was right.

Companies prioritizing software development (Apple, Google, Facebook/Meta) shot to the head of the pack and now dominate the investment landscape.

“Forbes” issued a new proclamation: [2]

“Software Ate The World, Now AI Is Eating Software”

AI can write its own code and build its own websites…[3]

Netflix uses AI to predict which movies you’ll like… [4]   

And chances are AI may have even helped you write your last email.[5]

The writing is on the wall. AI could take over everything.

But before you run out and load up on a bunch of fancy AI stocks, please consider…

The Dark Side Of AI

Right now, AI appears to be the biggest market trend. It’s the tide that’s lifting all boats. Billions of dollars are flooding into this new wave of AI-based companies.

Case in point:

A four-week-old AI startup that didn’t have a product or even a website just landed $113 million in funding! [6]

But we’ve seen this story before. And any long-in-the-tooth investor will tell you how this story ends.

We saw it in the early 2000s when any tech company with a “.com” name got funding. [7]

We saw it in 2018 when any company that added “crypto” to their annual report got instant press. [8]

And we know how that ended: A few select companies survived, but a majority went the way of [9]

That’s why trying to find the next hot “AI” stock is a fool’s errand. But there’s a much smarter play on the table.*

The New Space Race?

Sixty years ago, America and the Soviet Union went toe-to-toe in a race to see who could get to the moon first.

At the time, these countries were the two biggest superpowers in the world. We all know what happened – America planted the flag first. Cementing our nation as the world’s #1 superpower. While the Soviet Union collapsed. [10]

Winning changes everything.

But there’s always somebody gunning for the top dog. And this time around, it’s China taking aim at the U.S.

This time around, space isn’t the next frontier. It’s a battle to see who can win the race to dominate AI [11]

It’s not hard to see why. Remember—software ate the world, and now AI is eating software.

Whoever “wins the race” to dominate AI technology will cement themselves at the top of the mountain as the true global superpower for years to come.

And the key to winning the AI race might actually be found in this unassuming patch of Nevada desert…

That’s because the key to dominating the AI landscape starts with the raw materials needed to power today’s tech devices.

And one of the key raw materials needed to power today’s smartphones, computers, and supercomputers is gold. [12]

If you cracked open your cell phone right now, you’d probably see a SIM card.


This is like the “fingerprint” of your phone. It’s what identifies your phone as “yours,” and connects your phone to your phone number. As you can see, the key components of the sim card are covered in gold or “gold plated.”

But gold isn’t just used in smartphones. Gold is a critical component of most modern-day devices. Most Americans don’t even realize that gold powers almost every electronic device in their daily life. [14]

In fact, gold is also considered a battery metal. You hear so much hype about lithium or other rare earths, but gold is a critical component powering the tech world.[15]

This is surprising to some folks. After all, these major tech companies are always looking to cut costs at every turn. Yet they still rely on gold in millions of smartphones, computers, and supercomputers. Why is that?

Well, it’s because…

There’s simply no other material on the planet that can do what gold does!

In fact…

There Are 3 Key Reasons Why Gold Is Needed Inside Today’s Modern Tech Devices… [16]

First and foremost, gold is highly conductive to electricity. This means electrical currents can flow through gold with very little resistance. That’s crucial when you consider that every computer programmer and designer on the planet is always trying to maximize computing power. [16]

Second, gold is malleable. That means it’s easy to shape. Again, a crucial quality for electronics, batteries and computing power. [16]

Lastly, and most importantly, gold is one of the few materials that qualifies as “Noble.” This means it’s non-reactive and doesn’t rust and react to other elements. In fact, gold is the most non-reactive of all metals [16], which is why no cheaper substitutes have replaced the need for gold in today’s smartphones, tablets, computers, and supercomputers.

That’s why there’s a silent global war simmering behind the scenes. Each superpower is quietly working to secure the natural resources [17] needed in the battle to not only win the AI revolution but to continue powering their modern world…

This includes gold. For years, the USA enjoyed the top spot as a global superpower at the forefront of all things technology-related.

But Now The U.S. Is Sitting Behind The 8-Ball

Facebook, Apple, Google, Amazon, and many other tech powerhouses  started on American soil. These are primarily software companies. And remember, software ate the world… but now AI is eating software.

The next round of tech powerhouses hinges on raw computing power. The one that has access to the biggest data pools and the highest level of raw computing power will produce the algorithms that shape the future.

And remember, gold is one of the key components needed to build the raw computing power necessary in the battle for AI dominance.

But there’s just one problem…

The Majority Of Gold Is In The Enemy’s Backyard!

The country that pulls the most gold out of the ground every year is China.[18].  And since 2000, China has REFUSED to export a single ounce of the gold they mine. [19]

So,what country pulls the second most gold out of the ground every year?

Russia. [19a]

Which, again, is bad news for the USA as there’s a global BAN on Russian gold due to economic sanctions.[20]

Which puts the U.S.A in a bind:  To win the coming AI revolution, we need to secure the necessary raw materials to produce the required computing power. One of these materials is gold. Yet the bulk of the unmined gold currently sits in the enemy’s backyard.

This Could Be Setting The Stage For The Next Massive Gold Bull Market

The upcoming race for AI dominance is just one of many factors that could spark leading the next big bull run in the gold market.

Here are three other reasons why some experts predict a surge in gold prices… 


Reason #1: Central Banks Are Buying Gold At Record Levels
In 2022, Central Banks purchased $70 billion of gold—the highest purchase rate in 11 years.[21]

“Bloomberg News” reported that banks worldwide have actually been purchasing gold at a rate not seen since the United States abandoned the gold standard in 1971![22]

Reason #2: The World Is Searching For A New Reserve Currency

The U.S. dollar is still the most commonly held reserve currency around the world…

… but some experts believe a “de-dollarization” is happening.[23]  In fact, at a recent summit, including world leaders from Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, the question was posed, “Why can’t we do trade based on our own currencies?”[23]

While the world is still tied to the U.S. dollar, for now, the tide is turning. The U.S. dollar continues to lose market share as the primary reserve currency for international banks, while gold purchases continue to increase.[24]

Reason #3:  Runaway Inflation
You’ve probably experienced this firsthand.

Food prices are rising at the fastest pace in decades.[25]

Home prices continue to skyrocket.[26]And the price of gas seems to go up with every passing year.[27]

Given these factors…

… along with the upcoming AI battle…some experts predict the price of gold could hit record highs in 2024.[30]

When gold soared in previous gold bull markets, certain gold junior minor stocks saw even bigger price increases.[31]

But There’s One U.S. Based Gold Mining Company That I Think Deserves A Closer Look

I think Nevada Canyon Gold Corp. (NGLD) is in a unique position to benefit from the next potential gold bull market.

That’s because Nevada Canyon Gold is one of the rare gold mining companies that uses a cutting-edge 4-pronged business model.

Starting with…

A Modern Use Case For A Timeless Investment Strategy

While AI is dominating headlines, keep in mind that the investment case for gold has weathered the test of time. AI is just the newest use case for an element that’s been a crucial part of humankind for thousands of years.

Not only is gold a vital element in nearly every piece of modern technology, but it may also be a vital element in the modern portfolio.*  In fact, new studies show that investors who allocated a higher than normal percentage of their portfolio to gold and gold-related investments outperformed traditional stock and bonds portfolios. [37]

That’s why I think The Nevada Canyon Gold Corp. (NGLD) is worth considering amongst a diversified portfolio. Naturally, you should do your own research when it comes to this or any investment.*  But based on the conditions outlined in my research, I do believe time could be of the essence.

Keep in mind that smaller “microcap” companies like The Nevada Canyon Gold Corp. (NGLD) are inherently more risky than large-cap companies. However, the higher risk profile of a microcap stock is what makes the massive upside possible.*

I am not an investment adviser. BUT, the three “rules” I use when investing in great companies are:

Rule #1:  All investing carries a risk of loss, so I never invest what I can’t afford to lose.

Rule #2:  Cut my losses and let winners run. Resist the urge to “average down,” and buy more of a stock that’s headed the wrong way.

Rule #3: Never go “all in” on any single stock. Diversify investments as no one can predict the future and investing is risky.*

With those rules in mind, here’s the next move…

Here’s What You Should Do Right Now…

Download the latest investor kit available from The Nevada Canyon Gold Corp. (NGLD). 

And you may want to check out the current share price of The Nevada Canyon Gold Corp. (NGLD) on your preferred brokerage platform.

– James Hyerczyk |


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